Months have passed since we last caught up with the Hamptons’ finest. Summer has turned to Fall has turned to picturesque New England winter. Daniel is finally on trial; Victoria is as conniving and haggard looking as ever; Charlotte has quite the recreational drug problem; Nolan is tech mogul turned restaurateur; Jack is off on an epic search for Fauxmanda, who is who knows where with Revenge (!!!) Sensei (seriously, am I the only one who can’t wait to see where that B plot line ends up?); and Emily? Well, she’s revenging as hard as ever and looking fierce in the process.


It’s no surprise that a trial for the infamous Daniel Grayson would be a bit of a circus, but the reenactment scene? Complete with white tuxes and finger guns? Please. Now, I’m no law expert, but my armchair expertise tells me that real trials are not nearly as exciting and as dramatic as this one seems to be. But I digress.


At least the whole fam is looking pretty rock-star to match the proceedings.

That ladies and gentlemen, is how you do a murder trial.


Speaking of how to do murder trials, can we also take a moment to admire Brooks’s complementary/contrasting use of patterns? That is one sharply dressed lawyer.


Moving along. Poor Ashley (speaking of intriguing B plots…) is relegated to the spokespuppet role for the Graysons and forever left just slightly out of focus/obscured from the camera. Week after week, hands-down, Ashley is the best dressed – at least from what we get to see of her. I actually feel like it’s a bit of a thing or something- the Revenge (!!!) wardrobe department knocks it out of the park every week with the girl yet all we get are partial glimpses of her awesome outfits.

Glimpse #1- The gorgeous red coat


Side angle #2- totally appropriate yet still chic grey dress


Totally obscured shot #3- the gorgeous yellow shirt.


Speaking of awesome outfits, I have to say, Victoria looked quite well put together this week. She wears the doting mother role and a long sleeve dress quite well.

 This little red number is quite fetching.


As is this deep v-neck black frock. Although, she looks down right frightening all in black: pallid skin, black hair, black dress. It’s almost crow-like. And you know what a group of crows is called- a murder.


Contrast that with this stunningly well-tailored white coat and that’s how you wear a winter coat, ladies and gentlemen.


Speaking of winter coats- I think Daniel has been hanging around the Hamptons for way too long- the pea coat, the fishermen’s sweater? He looks great, but come on. Could you be any more stereotypically East Coast?


And also – why are they still in the Hamptons?! I get that Daniel is on house arrest and stuff, and that they were initially told to stay there during the early investigation, but we’re past that. Not to mention his trial is in New York City. These people have gazillions of dollars and no doubt incredibly beautiful homes in the city. Why the commute? Isn’t staying on Long Island some kind of societal faux pas, much like wearing white after Labor Day or using the wrong fork for your appetizer course?