EVERYONE is sad about Whitney Houston dying. Yes, it was two months ago, but still. Will keeps trying to push the wedding to next month instead of next Christmas, making Emma anxious. Turns out it’s because he doesn’t want the Glee kids to miss the wedding, and he’s scared they won’t come back for the ceremony if it’s later in the year. That’s real sad, Schue. Rachel and Santana are suddenly friends; they have a kickin’ duet and Rachel gives Santana a senior picture to put in her locker. Teen Jesus (aka Joe) is falling for Quinn, and while she feels the same way, neither is sure that the other is interested. Typical. Sam and Mercedes are still not-quite-together apparently, because they constantly sit at opposite ends of the classroom. Blaine and Kurt hash out their problems with a POWERFUL Whitney-inspired solo, and then the truth comes out: Blaine feels that all Kurt cares about is NYADA and New York and leaving Lima behind, including Blaine. They basically make up, despite the fact that nobody’s problems have been solved. Burt Hummel is also sad about Kurt leaving, and everyone is emotional (So Emotional) about the impending farewells.


Rachel’s Melodramatic Solo of the Week:
Nonexistant! Hooray! Instead we were treated to — wait for it — an amazing, pumped up cover of “So Emotional” as a duet between Rachel and Santana, of all people! It was peppy and sassy and totally fun.

Okay, well that looks melodramatic but it isn’t. They’re actually belting their faces off. In a good way.


Brittany Bon Mots: “You’re all cool dancers. And Quinn, you are still dancing in my dreams. Also you can fly and breathe fire.”

Whoa. Whoa, Brittany. I know it’s typical for you to say things in earnest without realizing how insulting they are, but whoa. Poor Q has enough on her plate right now. Also who doesn’t Wanna Dance With Somebody? Because that song is INFECTIOUS.


How Sue Sees It:
There was no Sue this week — doubtless she is awash with hormones and feelings and pregnancy side-effects the likes of which she was not quite ready for and had to call in sick to work. Or something Sue-equivalent of calling in sick to work. Doubling the workload, tripling rehearsals, and drinking lots of protein shakes?? I don’t know.


Track Suit Sightings: ZERO.
The lack of neon Adidas and bitter quips was made up for by Emma’s candy-sweet ensembles and pop art colors, which brings me to….


Outfit(s) of the Week:
1) Emma’s bright solids and geometric necklaces! Ta-da!



2) Rachel, Mercedes, Kurt and Santana for their stunning formalwear at the beginning of the episode!


I mean, really.


No, really. Everyone should look this good on stage/at prom.




3) Quinn, who busts out the Barbie hot pink… and works it with a lace pattern, a blazer AND breton stripes. Well played, Q.


Q, Barbie pink looks good on you no matter what your physical state!


Best Song:
THIS IS REALLY HARD because I love Whitney and I actually cried a little when I heard the news two months ago. I think it’s a toss up between the LEGIT acapella “How Will I Know” that opened the episode — a phenomenal opening number — and Kurt’s “I Have Nothing” because honestly Kurt Hummel is the only one who can hit them high notes y’all. Oh, wait, Blaine’s “It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay”… dayummm. Basically, what I’m saying is… I shouldn’t be allowed to recap this episode, I’m Whitney-biased.