Apparently, we missed the entire season of autumn between last week’s episode and this one, as it’s suddenly snowing and everybody’s rocking winterwear. Emily a) steals Jack’s Tyler-splattered hoodie to b) frame Lee for Tyler’s murder and c) keep Jack safe. Meanwhile, in Fifty Shades of Gray-son news, Conrad blackmails the British painter while Victoria blackmails a juror. And then Emily learns that the Graysons not only framed her father, but had him killed. Did somebody say REVENGE (!!!) (?)


Emily’s Target

Emily took down Lee, old-school-style, with ninja moves and framing him for murder. AND she introduced us all to Infinity Box 2.0!

Gala of the Week
Party in the courthouse! OK, not really a party, so much as everybody having fabulous outfits and looking shifty-eyed. Lindsay Lohan could learn a thing or two from Queen V, Emily, and Charlotte’s courtroom attire.

Best Dressed
Charlotte stole the show as Victoria’s Mini-Me in a bondage dress, spiked heels and fur coat ensemble.

Most Soapy Moment
Daniel goes into a classic downward soap spiral, as he drinks, stalks Emily, and ultimately gets arrested for breaking his house arrest in the course of his stalking. ::sadface::

Over-the-Shoulder Hugs: 0
Once more, too much going on for brooding, over-the-shoulder Revenge (!!!) good times. At this point, I’m considering counting DEATH STARES, since between Emily and Queen V there were at least 12 of those tonight.

Check back Saturday as Mel brings us all the deets of this week’s courthouse fashion parade.