So do you pronounce it “to-MATE-o” or “to-MAHT-o”? Ah, who cares, lets just call the whole thing off! And that’s exactly what Jess did with Russell on this week’s episode. Nick decides to distract himself from how crappy his life is by growing some tomato plants, and apparently all it took for Cece to admit she has feelings for Schmidt was for him to break his penis! Well, Ce-girl, why didn’t you just say so in the first place?! Also? I learned a new defence mechanism – from now on whenever situations get very awkward and/or heated, I am going to dance in a circle singing Cheap Trick songs. Can’t imagine WHY I never thought of doing this before. Thanks for the idea, Jess!


Nick is continuing with his depressed antics, only instead of sleeping with college girls, he’s growing plants! But of course! I’m pretty sure Dr. Phil recommends that as Step 2 in the Coping cycle. 

This is how the flatmates feel about Nick’s depression at this point:

I’m sensing boredom/annoyance/exasperation/pity. Jess is sporting a slightly disheveled yet still cute outfit on the roof (I can only assume it’s the morning by the mugs that she and Cece are clutching onto for dear life – holding a mug like that can only mean one thing – COFFEE!! Either that or it’s like 15C/60F and these wimpy LA kids are cold again).

Anyway, you can’t go wrong with a striped shirt! Or a plaid jacket! Or a black ballet flat! Or a denim mini…ok well maybe you can sometimes go wrong with one of those but Jess is so adorkable, she can pull it off.


Jess later confides in the group that she feels really awkward about the relationship between them and Russell’s ex-wife (really, why EVER would that be awkward? Silly) and wants to do something about it. She comes up with the idea that she, Russell and Ouli should all go to dinner together! It’s a good thing she makes this suggestion in a cute outfit, because that shit cray.

This outfit is much more simple, preppy and masculine than we are used to seeing on Jess, but I love the green shade of her top, the shiny, flowing hair, and cute glasses. This says “I am dating a man now so I should probably start buying things on the adult side of the Gap.”


She looks much more like the usual Jess at dinner:

Campy hand gestures and all. How CUTE are the stripes and bow on that dress?? And, hey, she’s wearing tomato red – how appropos. Thought that symbolism would go right over my head, didn’t you, New Girl wardrobe? Showed you.

It’s also appropos that she is back to looking more like a little girl, because she is literally dancing and singing to distract Russell and Ouli from fighting, JUST like she did with her own parents. Um, Jess if you needed firm evidence that Russ is too old for you, this is probably it. Freud would have a field day with y’all.



Later she tries to get Cece to admit to her true feelings for Schmidt, and she does it wearing – what else? Cute PJ’s!

I mean, she’s Jess, she is, like, REQUIRED to wear one cute pair of PJ’s per episode – or as Nick calls them “pajama outfits”. OK, so these ones are a little more grandma-y than some of her others have been, but I am still digging the pink butterfly vibe. I am also digging Cece’s Pinterest bun (I’m pretty sure I have at least one of these pinned for when my hair gets long enough…and for when I look like Cece – Read: never).


Jess goes all Gap-y again when she is hanging out at Russell’s in this casual pink striped top.

Didn’t I say you can’t go wrong with a striped top? A bit “regular”, yes, but still a comfy yet fun shirt for a night of drinking tea and marking assignments. But then the black leggings/pants and tall boots add a bit of sexy spunk to the outfit. It’s a little bit “Catwoman”, which makes sense since Jess is crouching looking like she’s ready to pounce.


She tries to provoke more “passion” out of Russell and when she fails, realizes that they just don’t have it. And that’s what she wants! But alas he doesn’t and they decided to part ways. Great, now it will be even MORE awkward when she runs into his ex-wife naked in the steam room at the gym. Darn.

So, what did you think? Now Jess is the only single flatmate! How long do you think THAT will last? Who do you think will be the next cute and quirky guest star? Should Jess stick to her vibrant girly looks, or go more casual and preppy, like we saw more of this episode?