Part 3 of our episode concerns Don and Megan’s road trip to a Howard Johnson’s Motel, and the latest stage in the slow-burning implosion of their marriage.


Remember Peggy’s tragic, misguided, hopeless attempt at looking good for the Heinz presentation? It’s lucky Megan wasn’t able to attend, because she would have stolen the show in this watermelon-coloured shift dress:


The coral color with the red nails and lipstick looks amazing with her colouring – and would not look anywhere this good on anybody else in the universe. Love the heavy gold chain. It adds a youthful and girlie zing to her office ensemble.


This is the length of hemline she’s been favouring this season. It looks modest these days, but would have been totally cutting-edge at the time.


Her low-heeled pumps are kind of meh but I get what she’s doing here – office appropriate attire.


When the Drapers hit the road, she looks as clueless as me reading the map, but actually she knows what she’s doing.


The Jackie O sunglasses? Gorgeous! In all honesty, the whole outfit is getting a little matchy-matchy, but that was the look back then. I think?


I had to throw in this image of Don actually using the car’s cigarette lighter to… light his cigarette, rather than charge his iPods or GPS unit. I had kinda forgotten their original purpose.



Back to Megan, who adds this chevron printed jacket on top of her dress. This is like textbook day-to-night apparel, although it’s not actually night yet, it’s the middle of the day and they’re at a roadside HoJo.


If this was RuPaul’s Drag Race, she’d get snaps for bringing the daytime, roadside motel realness.


Oh, and then things go to hell sometime around the orange sherbet. While driving around trying to locate his AWOL wife, Don reminsces about happier times…

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Wait, wasn’t this, like a month ago? Isn’t their relationship a bit young to be getting nostalgic already? In any case, their cozy winter outfits make them look super sweet and domestic-y. Love Megan’s earrings here.


They reunite back at The Best Apartment Ever and, despite Megan’s adorable schoolgirlish jumper dress, they have their craziest fight yet. And for these two? That’s saying something.


I want this dress SO BAD. And also: do you think Megan wears such short skirts so that she can more easily run around the apartment, escaping Don’s wrath?


Because she was able to go through all that with Don, and still head to work in the same dress:


That’s professionalism, you guys. And yet another example of the durability of polyester.


And just in case you were wondering about the whole reflection business, the episode ends with Don, reflected behind a window:


… bringing our reflection count up to 5. What does it all mean, Matthew Weiner??