Lily handles the latest Van der Woodsen scandal by throwing a dinner party. One that gets interesting after S drops a truth bomb about William van der Baldwin being Lola’s dad. Lily uses the intel to make a deal with the devil she knows – Chivy – and gets her sister arrested for fraud. Carol then gives William vdB power of attorney over her estate. That can’t go wrong, can it? Outside of the van der Woodsen Penthouse of Crazy, Blair is seething over her low-brow placement on NY Mag’s Approval Matrix. Her competition? Dan, who is nominated for NYPL Young Lions Award (and scored a better spot on the Matrix). Blair decides the nomination party is the perfect place for a long overdue B scheme, but B needs to know her audience. The library crowd isn’t biting, and Dan’s giving her the Humphrey Look of Disapproval with a chaser of the Dan Self-Esteem Booster. Meanwhile, Nate tries to find the truth about Chuck’s mom – who may or may not be Diana. And Rufus? He’s off moping with his guitar and thinking about seperation. 


Party du Jour
A big Rhodes Van der Humphrey family party complete with DCP from New York Social Diary to show they’re one big happy family. Because nothing can possibly go wrong with that plan. 

This week has a B-party of the Young Lions Awards.

Best Quote
“Don’t you know anything about me? I love reading bad things about friends. It’s the only thing that makes me feel good about myself.” – B

Best Outfit
Lily, the monochrome stained glass print dress was delightful. Where did you get it and how many month’s rent will it set me back?

Worst Outfit
Oh S. You did so well this week. And while I give you golf claps for being weather appropriate, the coat is kind of a sack on you.


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