You’ve got to admit, Daniel makes a pretty hot prisoner. That messy hair and tired look in his eye…

I still can’t quite figure out if Emily really loves him or is still playing the Graysons; but to pretend to be in love with a guy like this–yeah, I could do it too. 


Thank you Revenge (!!!) writers for including this shirtless scene. After Pretty Little Liars lessened their male shirtlessness quota, we here at YKYLF have been going through withdrawals. 


Moving onto another Grayson, Charlotte dresses so unbelievably appropriately for her age, the wardrobe designers deserve an award merely for dressing Charlotte like the 16-year old that she is. 


Once again, completely appropriate and beyond cute. Such a sweet, girly dress for a girl that is slowly morphing into what I only expect is a version of LiLo.


You can always count on Nolan for best-dressed and expert layering skills. I do believe a sweater-vest is a new layer we have not yet seen on Nolan. The weather really must be changing–Victoria in a trench, Nolan in heavy knits. Oh the possibilities of what’s to come! 

This is Nolan’s summer-to-fall look; just add a Nordic-style sweater vest between your normal popped polo and blazer. Boyfriend is working it here in shades of blue… 


… then knocks it out of the PARK with this lobster-patterned sweater vest. LOBSTER SWEATER VEST. The only other person I can imagine pulling off a garment like this would be PLL’s Spencer “Horse Sweaters” Hastings. The plaid pocket on this one, matching the red-and-white striped shirt?

Welcome back, sir. 


This is the look that Ann thought at first was a turtleneck layered inside of a shirt… turns out, his shirt is just so unbuttoned it casts a huge shadow all over his neck region. For Nolan, this is a low-key ensemble. One shirt? No vest? Only one pattern? This must be his version of sweats.


Speaking of sweats, look at what that fire did to poor Mason. It burned his desire for cravats, bowties and pocket squares and replaced it with a four-pack of wine coolers. If that’s just not the saddest thing you’ve ever seen…

(Also: check out Nolan’s two-toned spectator shoes, striding into the frame like Ronald McDonald just came on the scene.)


Here Mason is again, Giving Nolan a run for his money. So nice to see he’s got his groove (and bow ties, and faux-Truman Capote style) back.


Silk cravat. These guys are bringing the unexpected way more than the ladies this week.


OMG. Did Connor pull this from his old Gossip Girl wardrobe? Eerily similar to the St. Jude’s uniforms he use to wear….


On the complete opposite of the wardrobe spectrum, Jack gives us the everyman look. He does make a zip-up look pretty dang good. 


Enough of the boys. Why can’t we see more of Ashley? She is my favorite. Look at that color-blocking on her top. Check out those earrings!

Next to Nolan, she has the best wardrobe on this show. And we get to witness it for a maximum of five seconds per episode. Such a shame. 


Lastly, we’ve got the mystery man. Who is he? 

OK, we sort of know who he is – he’s the guy who beat up Jack and arranged the hit on Daniel. But what’s his deal? I wouldn’t mind learning more about him. I do love me some bad boys…