We only had one suit from Chuck this week, but it was fabulous as always. Only Chuck Bass could pull off stripes, polka dots and paisley. #winning.


Maybe he can teach Serena how to accessorize. I can’t even begin to understand Serena’s mesh and lace top (dress?), nor do I understand how she isn’t unbalanced from the weight of those necklaces.


But, I am loving how effortlessly put-together her hair is. It’s not the sad rat’s nest it’s sometimes become, and it’s not overly polished, either. I’m buying the rich bohemian vibe she’s got going on.


And the cream coat! The oversized collar! The bag! Serena’s leaving her Paris pants and beaded lamp covers behind for sunnier pastures. Next step: covering her macaron.


Oh, and this coat? Love. Love the color, the very on-trend cape silhouette, and the toggle fastening. Another plus: it’s longer than most of Serena’s dresses.


Like everyone else, I absolutely adored this black beaded Temperley dress on Serena. The beads add interest and enough sparkle, and the low back is perfect for S. I mean, the dress is covering her van der Boobsens and her macaron – it’s a miracle!


Close-up of the gorge detail on S’ dress.


Diana: “Nate, do you remember that time you–”
Nate (smirk): “Yes, yes I do.”
Diana: “–wore a something that was mildly interesting?”


Forgive me if I’m wrong (I have exams, and studying has taken up space in my brain typically reserved for GG trivia), but Nate hasn’t worn stripes in…ever? I feel like the stripes and the pinstripe/stripe combo is groundbreaking for dear ol’ Nate.

BTW, continuity error. One minute, he’s wearing that yummy purple coat, the next second, it’s hanging off his arm. Go back and watch. I’ll wait.


I totally agree that Diana needs to walk away from the bandage dresses. But I will admit they do look fab on her. It must be the Spanx. And the color? Splendid.


But when you add giant shoulder pads to said bandage dresses? Run, don’t walk away, D.


While Diana has commited sins against shoulders, Lola needs a color lesson. I absolutely despise the brown plaid – it looks like something Rufus would wear camping. And are those giant cuffs on her shirt, or giant bracelets?


Again. Lola. Pay attention. These colors are not your friend. Also, is anyone else eerily reminded of Little J (pre-racoon, of course) by this picture? She’s got the same, eager look in her eyes. Or maybe it’s just the blonde hair.

I will, however, award points for the beaded neckline. That’s adorable.


Oh, now we’re getting places! This J. Mendel dress was perfect on Lola – the cut, the fit, the color, and I especially love the mesh inset.

She may have bombed the audition before it began, but I give a hearty brava! for both the dress and this asymmetrical navy coat. Lola, I think you’ve found your signature color! Plus the bag is a great complement.


No, no! Go back to the indigo! Varying shades of brown does not a good outfit make. And that bag is fug.


Sigh. We’ve gone from bad to worse. This Philosophy knitted dress is feminine and pretty and all, but paired with her skintone and hair, it just washes her out.

Like much of her wardrobe, come to think of it.