The next day, we find Pete in Drivers Ed class. He’s about as bored as his equally boring gold tie.


A student nicknamed “Handsome” approaches Pete, and apologizes for being late. Pete informs Handsome that even though he’s dressed like one, he’s not the intructor. Whoops. Pete just felt 142 years old.

I’m loving Handsome’s shirt. He looks like some sort of super hero, and you can best believe the fellow Drivers Ed classmate wants to be rescued by him. Surrounded by innocent looking teenagers, Pete now feels like 143 years old.


Across town, Lane is having a very English night out with his wife and her friends. The friends work for Jaguar, they’re watching a soccer match, and Lane is decked out in the colors of the English flag. Seriously, Lane should wear that scarf ALL THE TIME. It makes him look a cool Harry Potter professor, and he already has the English accent!

Poor Mrs. Lane. In her ho-hum peach and pearls ensemble, she just can’t compete aginst that scarf!


The next morning at the office, it’s dueling dark rimmed glasses as Roger gives Lane some pointers about securing the potential Jaguar client. Good move, guys. Whenever I want people to think I’m smart, I ALWAYS wear my glasses.


After Lane’s failed attempts to woo the client, Pete, Roger and Don take said client out for a night of lobsters. Where can I get one of those vintage lobster bibs? I want one to wear out and about. I’ll even embrace the odd looks.

The Jaguar client, however, isn’t as enthusiastic about lobster bibs as I am – he wants to have “fun.” Which means…


Enter the upscale whore house! The Jaguar client looks a little creepy to begin with, but here he just looks plain “creepy uncle.” His lady-friend looks like she’s wearing a slutty Mrs. Claus Halloween costume.


As for Roger’s lady friend – is she wearing her old wedding dress? Roger could care less. He’s on top of the fashion world in his James Bond inspired grey suit to match his grey hair. Double fashion points!


Pete gets some alone time with his leopard lingerie lady friend, who clearly knows the in and outs of what the client wants. Does that mean they can keep her on staff as a consultant? Hello loophole!


At the end of the night, Don gives the infidelity-laced Pete guilty looks, which Pete finds hypocritical. Notice the two mens ties – Don’s in control and Pete’s a mess. Symbolism. I guess my degree in English wasn’t a waste of time after all…