It was an eventfull night in the world of Mad Men. We had front row seats to a bareknuckle boxing fight, we visited a classy whore house, and we even learned a thing or two about basic plumbing.


Let’s check in on Trudy first. She plays both the motherly and the social connector roles with aplomb. Who else can boss Don Draper around in such a gracious manner? I’m also liking the way she wears this nature themed green and purple dress. Just right for doing some mid-day grocery shopping or feeding the baby.

Do you think baby’s first word be “Don”? I’m sure Pete throws it around enough at home.


While Trudy is the social mastermind/mommy, Megan is the trophy second-wife and creative director in training. Just look at this yellow and black top. The crisp lines and colors play off each other in the best of Madison Avenue ways.

[Ed note: My husband saw this and wanted to know why she was wearing a cheerleading uniform to work. I can totally see this with “SCDP” in block letters across the front. – Jen]


Wait, let’s add a third role to Megan’s repretoire…style star! I’m liking (but not loving) her Pucci-esque outfit, although it doesn’t stand a chance against a certain sports coat…


Holy jacket, Batman! If that coat could speak, what would it say?

“Don Draper isn’t wearing me – I’m wearing Don Draper.”
“I make every drink that Don has taste that much better.”
“Hold on to me. In 30 years your son can wear me on Halloween.”


And it must be colored sport jacket night at the Campbell’s – check out the dueling yellow and blue jackets of Pete and Ken. Nice try guys, but you’re up against The Draper. Better luck next jacket.


Don, now sans (amazing) sport jacket, gives great “Trust us, we work in advertising” face with his partner-in-crime. Loving Megan’s earrings, simple yet seductive.


Dinner is soon interrupted when the sink explodes. Finally, a chance to check out Megan’s fashion competition. And Megs? You don’t have a thing to worry about. I’m liking Mrs. Cosgrove’s (AKA Alex Mack) yellow dress, along with Mrs. Campbell’s cream colored dress, but come on – they aren’t Mrs. Don Draper.