When is tie not just a tie? When a Humphrey is reading way too much into it. Rufus just now figures out he’s been living as Lily’s plus one, and on her dime. Although, Mr. Judgey Pants should check himself before throwing stones in glass penthouses – he’s been lying to Lily and paying for Chivy’s stay at the Soho Grand. The tie talk with Rufus has Dan doubting whether he and Blair can ever really work out their borough differences (pro-tip: just don’t lie to each other). And for all her talk of wanting to grow up and move on from her It-Girl status and Gossip Girl blasts, Serena’s really got her panties in a bunch over Lola’s newfound popularity and decides to ruin her cousin’s audition. Lola’s got Serena’s number and is set on outting her as Gossip Girl. In the process, things get real when she outs Diana as Chuck’s real mom instead.


Party du Jour
A British themed salon complete with expensive caterers, real artists, and a handful of party crashers/friends.

Best Quote
“Nate at a salon? I’m not even going to dignify that remark.”

 Best Outfit
Could it be true? Could Serena be best dressed at an event? Her bedazzled number was lovely (and it outshone her recent behviour as GG).

Worst Outfit
A tie between Lola’s drab Mona Lisa Smile brown plaid outfit and Serena’s Vanessa-esque accessorizing.

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