Meanwhile, at the Breeland Estate, Lemon and her minion, Cricket, have a Destroy Zoey Hart meeting.

How novel of them. They never do this!

Lemon is in detective mode in this satin, mustard trench, oddly paired with a pink dress and yellow tights. Yuck. When’s the next Destroy Yellow Tights meeting?


After the Destroy White Beaded Cardigan meeting, apparently:

Cricket is a disaster. Even the day before, she wore this unflattering halter dress:

Let’s be serious. No one wears halter dresses unless they’re making maid-of-honor speeches.

Lemon decides her plan of action for officially destroying Zoe Hart is to befriend her (hasn’t she tried this already?) and invite her to dinner. While preparing, she dons this amazing, gold hair pin:

Feeling devastated after being downgraded from daughter to colleague, Zoe unenthusiastically greets her “father.” Though one can hardly tell she is unenthusiastic by her 70s print tie dress:

Love everything about this. The color, the print, her hair, her jewelry. Look at the feathery hem!


George pops by to invite them to dinner at the Breeland Estate. Unfortunately, he gets a little carried away with the collar on his new utility jacket: 

That collar is popped so high it’s practically a hood.


At least Zoe can look past that. Sure, she hasn’t quite mastered the stink eye. But when it comes to bedroom eyes, she sure is an expert.

Back at the mayor’s house, Lavon witnesses Wade’s talent for making cocktails while wearing his signature color purple. Love this purple button down and gray vest. Look at those little zippers!

On the night of the dinner, Lemon prepares Brick for her devious plot in this “looks-so-innocent-she-must-be-evil” outfit.

I LOVE this outfit. And maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for white tops with black bows, but there is nothing over-the-top, mismatched or yellow going on. Frankly, she kind of looks like Grace Kelly on crack.

We get a full body look at her outfit when she enthusiastically welcomes Zoe into her home.

We get to see a great dichotomy in styles between Lemon and Zoe. Zoe in her signature dark print colors and edgy heels. Lemon in her signature a-line skirt and classic pumps. Good work to both of you!

Even the Whitest Men on Earth agree:

“Why, yes, yes, I’m a WASP as well. Scotch all around!”


Zoe finally confronts her father about his abandonment and she does it, no holds barred, tears and all.

Lemon watches, semi-concerned because her plan to destroy Zoey has failed (yet again x 100). Does this girl have a walk-in closet exclusively for her hair accessories? Seriously.

Clearly, Zoe’s dad just needed a reality check. He apologizes and they end up like this:

Disappointed, Lemon walks with George to the Rammer Jammer in this beautiful, ivory swing coat. Don’t let that monstrous collar on your left hit you in the face!

Let’s take a closer look at Lemon’s coat:

This outfit is classy and monochrome and totally unlike Lemon. It’s like it’s laundry day or something.

Even drunk Lavon can’t resist the monochrome Lemon:

But wait, where is George? Oh. Just being blinded by headlights.

Aaaand bringing us back exactly where we were before. Lavon still wants Lemon. Zoe still wants George. George still doesn’t know about Lavon and Lemon. Did anything actually happen in this episode?

Oh, George’s father’s alive. And I think Zoe and her father made up. Ugh.

Now that that’s out of the way…