Okay, not exactly home alone. But Sally Draper didn’t fit in with the career gal theme. And let’s face it, Grandma Pauline as your guardian? Well, you’ll see. First Sally’s summer wear.

Straight up, I dig the cotton blouse, capris and keds. Mostly because that’s kind of one of my favourite looks. For me. And I love how the absence of Fat Betty means that Sally isn’t going to touch a comb for at least a few more days.


Sally’s style really does works on grown ups. See what Joan wore after she got rid of Greg?

If Joan would ever stoop to wearing keds, I’d bet that would be a super awesome outfit. And probably more practical for baking a cake.


Come to think of it, Sally Draper is kind of becoming a style icon for other ladies on the show. I mean, check out Sally’s Valley of the Dolls style PJs…


…and now check out Peggy’s hangover-wear.

Does anyone remember Peggy’s old nightgowns? Well, in case you dont’, let me remind you.

Not exactly cute or stylish by anyone’s standards.Particularly not when it’s the 1960s instead of the 1860s.


Although, I worry for Sally Draper. Not only does she have a profoundly sad and slightly unstable mom and a dad who dreams about sexing and killing the ladies, but she’s now got herself a Grandma Pauline. A grandma who encourages ugly bathrobes, carrying knives and taking barbituates to get some shut eye.


They may as well leave Sally Draper to be raised by wolves. Can we give her a mid-1970s spin off where we see her grow up to be moderately messed up and rebelling by not wearing a bra to various feminist rallies and possibly kissing both boys and girls? That’s how I see the trajectory of teenage/early 20s Sally Draper. Because if this is what your Saturday morning at age 12 looks like? Then honestly? Things are going to get messy before they get better.


Similar to leaving Sally with wolves is leaving her with Fat Betty. Who is still fat (I feel like that won’t last all season. There must be a clause in January Jones’ contract that she has to be back to fabulous before the end of the season).

Like some of the career ladies, Betty is still clinging to a time when you don’t go without gloves, a time that’s on it’s way out. Unfortunately for Fat Betty, it’s going to be some time before they make even a couple of decent plus sized pieces. The fashion industry clearly wasn’t kind to former beauty queens in the 60s.