The ladies aren’t the only ones seeing changes in their office wear. Oh sure, dudes like Ken Cosgrove and the clients and even Don are still dressing like my grandad did.


I know Ken is dressing to be like the client, but we’re starting to see things shake up in the creative side of SCDP. The days of the gay Italian art director in his Don Draperish suits are long gone and this is what we’ve got in his place.

Okay, I kid (sort of. I mean, I’ve never seen the creatives I know wear pantyhose on their heads, but I haven’t worked in advertising that long). But for reals, take a look at the new kid, Ginsburg.

He’s not even trying to match his tie to his shirt! And he’s not much better when it comes to the jackets (although, at least he has more than the plaid to go with the paisley tie).

Look at Don. Jacket is on, it’s tailored and there isn’t a wrinkle in sight. Now look at Ginsburg, whose jacket is a few sizes too big. Or Stan, who despite being polo shirt free, isn’t even bothering with the jacket during the meeting. And when he does put the jacket on?

At least he matches it to his tie. Actually, I dig on the mustard coloured jacket. It’s a bold choice. Which is part of Stan being on the creative side and not on the Pete and Roger accounts side of things.

Great chair Roger, but y’all are still looking super buttoned up and no-nonsense for the clients – no matter how kicky and mod your office furniture may be.

I’m okay with the buttoned up look. I don’t love it. But I get it. They meet with dudes who wear suits and try to convince them to trust them and their agency, despite the shlubby look of Ginsburg (the business world isn’t quite ready for the five day casual Friday look just yet). But what I don’t like? The hemlines on those pants.

Hells bells, Pete. Cover your ankles.


While he maybe overdoes it for the everyday at the office, certainly compared to his co-workers, I do have a soft spot for Roger’s three pieces and a pocket square.

Now there’s a business look that’s quickly on it’s way to squaresville.