Poor Betty. While she’s been packing on the pounds and meandering around the house in a massive pink housecoat, Don’s been running around with his hot new wife. She’s 26 and they’re married, but as Betty tells it Megan is 20 and Don’s girlfriend. Whatever she is, she has no trouble slipping into her dresses. 


I love the graphic print on this dress, and it’s an appropriate length for a business dinner. I guess she won’t be serenading Don’s clients with “Zou Bisou Bisou” tonight – all class. Still, the business dinner with Heinz was awkward. Megan could relate more to their teenage daughter than her dining companions themselves.

Just sit there and look pretty, sweetheart.


No seriously – that seems to be what Megan does best. Look at this cute dress she wore to work! If it weren’t for a fuschia trim I’d hate this, but the pop of color really makes it work. The chain makes her look as though she’s channeling Mr. T about twenty years too early, though. 


She stands out in the crowd at Sterling Cooper Draper Price. When they all meet, it’s Megan in her yellow frock that you notice most.


Even when Megan lounges around the house she looks stylish. Take note, Betty “Giant Pink Bathrobe” Francis.

She really seems to be on the cutting edge of fashion in 1966. Let’s hope Betty’s marriage to Henry lasts, because he may need to pay for Sally’s college – looks like Megan has blown all of Don’s income on new dresses.


She was also understanding when Don broke the news to her that Betty might have cancer, but only to a point. Homegirl is OK with the idea of raising Don’s kids, but DO NOT ask her to cancel her beach plans!

Oh sweetie, when you dress like that it’s really more fun for Don if you’re also cleaning the apartment. I actually really hated this outfit – the bra top did not fit correctly, and white shorts give me anxiety. What if someone drops a hotdog on you at the beach???


Don was having his own fun this week, attending a Rolling Stones concert with Harry. OK, that was more work than fun – only businessmen would wear a suit and tie to a Stones concert.

They were there on behalf of Heinz to try and get the Stones to sing a jingle about beans or something but instead, he and Harry met some teenyboppers backstage. I’m liking the look of that lime green mini dress, but that floral number leaves a lot to be desired. The vest is no help at all.

Might I add how impressed I am that their hair looks like that without the aid of Bump-Its. 


Meanwhile over at SCDP, Don has a new secretary. Her name is also Dawn.

Apparently some people find this confusing and/or hilarious.

Harry has clearly made an awkward joke here, but Dawn just smiles and nods. She looks cute in her striped dress, but we didn’t get to see much of her in this episode. At least her outfit is more fitted than a certain copywriter we all know…but I’m getting to that.


Pete and Roger have gotten Mohawk Airlines back as a client, and Pete managed to steal all that glory for himself.

Oh Pete. Of course you pulled a sheet off of a model airplane with an obnoxious flourish. And of course you made that face. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, you’ll never be Roger Sterling – Pete reeks of trying to hard, Roger’s charm comes naturally.


Landing Mohawk meant Peggy got to hire a new copywriter – and that meant she had to choose between hiring a talent who could be a threat or hiring someone mediocre who’d never rise above her. Personally, I think Peggy should be more concerned about whether these boxy blouses she’s been wearing will hold her career back.


Skirt and shoes are great, shirt looks like it was borrowed from a pudgy 10 year-old boy. Seriously Pegs, was that a hand-me-down from a Bobby Draper of seasons past? And she wore another one to conduct interviews! Oy vey.

No wonder he wasn’t intimidated by her. She looks like an awkward Catholic school girl. Maybe Peggy should ask Dawn for the name of her tailor, because she needs all her clothes taken in.


I like this new Ginsburg character. He’s awkward and strange and rocks a plaid blazer better than Harry does. And he impressed Don, which is important.


At least Peggy dressed better for that meeting. She’d better be careful, though! I’d hate to see her pushed to the side by a new copywriter the way Roger and Betty have been replaced by Pete and Megan.

Normally I’d say Peggy looks like a Christmas tree in a green dress with reddish bow, but I’ll let it slide since this is by far the best thing we saw her in this week. But homegirl best step it up if she wants to run SCDP one day.

Best dressed award of the night certainly goes to Megan, who brings it everytime she graces the screen. But personally, I can’t wait for Joan to return from leave. SCDP (and YKYLF) needs her!