This season of Mad Men is set in 1966, and there’s a growing generation gap in America. So what better way to divide up these blog posts than by the old and the young? This week Betty thought she had cancer but is really just fat, Don chased the Rolling Stones around New York to satisfy the whims of a client, and Roger warned Peggy not to let a new copywriter outshine her after Pete made him look worthless in front of the whole company.


The episode opened with Betty Draper Francis realizing she’s no longer the young, beautiful model she once was. She’s now a mother of three, twice married, and those gorgeous clothes of hers no longer fit.


What to do when your political husband has an event and you can’t zip up? This is a job that calls for more than a fainting couch. Hop into bed and fake an illness!


Oh Betty, look at what you’ve become. Bugles? The Betty I know has a cigarette for lunch.


Knock knock! It’s your future at the door. OK, kidding. It’s your mother-in-law, and she’s about to suggest diet pills. I’m about to suggest a new bathrobe — that one makes Betty look like a roll of fiberglass insulation.


So off to the doctor for Betty, who mentions that she’s having trouble shedding some extra weight and makes this face.

Fat Betty sure wears a lot of pink, doesn’t she? Knowing Matthew Weiner, he’s using symbolism to indicate she’s a pig. (And yes, we here at YKYLF do know that in real life, January Jones was pregnant and wearing prosthetic makeup.)


The doctor discovered Betty had a lump on her thyroid that could be cancerous, so he’d have to send her for more tests. When she couldn’t find Henry, she called Don.

Look, more pink! Oink, oink…we get it, Matt.


When Betty went to get tests done, she ran into an old friend.

That blazer and turtleneck make me cringe, but the brooch is pretty.


Bland Friend said she almost didn’t recognize Betty. Gee, was that because she’s gotten fat or because the old Betty would never have been caught dead in this hideous blouse?

I’m guessing it’s because of the tablecloth blouse. Perhaps Betty should adopt a WWMW (What Would Megan Wear) mantra. You’ll see why in part 2 of this post…


They went for lunch after Betty’s test so that Betty could hear about how lonely it is to have cancer. Silly friend, Betty is already lonely! It wasn’t this that made Betty cry though, it was a psychic who read her tea leaves.

Yes, that jacket brought me to tears, too. Oh yeah, and the sad thing she said to Betty. That too.


Betty went home to mope around in a floral muumuu, as one does. This was the face Betty made when she thought she might have cancer:


And this is the face Betty made when she found out she doesn’t have cancer, but is simply fat:

Maybe Betty wouldn’t be so glum if she were wearing a less obnoxious print? Or did Bobby finger-paint that for her in school?


Cheer up, Betty! You have your health, a nicer husband than you used to, beautiful children and giant scary-looking house!


In a very revealing moment at the end of the episode, Sally only finished half an ice cream sundae because she was full.


So Betty slid the half-eaten ice cream across the table and finished it herself. Sigh.

Sally is only a few years away from being a young, beautiful teenager and Betty is on her way down. And she knows it. How long before Betty suffocates Sally in her sleep out of jealousy? Lord knows she can use this muumuu as a pillowcase.


Betty isn’t the only one who’s feeling a bit past her prime. Roger can’t believe Pete Campbell is making him irrelevant at the ad agency which bears Roger’s own name. Yet, he is.


Roger can hold all the meetings he wants in his fancy, mod office. Pete will still try to rub Roger’s nose in each of his successes.

Roger wants to pout about Pete’s antics, but then Don revealed Betty might have cancer. I’d say your pity party has been trumped, Roger. At least you can still rock a sleek grey suit.


Don might be getting older, but he still has an easier time fitting in with a young crowd than some. Just look at him backstage at a Rolling Stones concert with Harry.

Harry’s all “Look at me! I’m young and hip and cool! GIVE ME YOUR APPROVAL!!” while Don’s all “Oh, is there a concert going on? Meh, I’d rather look down on you all. And possibly conduct my own personal focus group” With that, let’s talk about the younger crowd, shall we?