After weeks of voting, we finally have a winner in YKYLF’s Most Inappropriate Character March Madness Tournament…

Serena van der Woodsen!

Serena beat down Georgina with a whopping 70% margin. Georgina put up a good fight, but the combination of Serena’s macaron-revealing outfits, rat’s nest hair, and mismatched designer pieces could not be denied. Remember, it’s not about worst-dressed, it’s about most inappropriate outfits and a vast number of Serena’s outfits – as expensive as they may be – are not appropriate for the occasions she attends.

As mentioned in the Championship post, we find it apropos that the winner of the tournament is also the very first character recapped on YKYLF (go ahead and click that link to see how much she’s changed. A stark difference, no?). Congrats, Serena, and thanks for the snark-able wardrobe!


Huge golf claps to YKYLF editors Lesley-Anne Steelworthy (for suggesting the idea and creating the brackets) and Ann Foster (for writing the matchups). – Jen