Georgina (Gossip Girl) vs Serena (Gossip Girl)

Well, it’s been a long, hard race with too many fringes, ill-matching patterns, and questionable accessories to count. There’s something kind of inevitable that it’s come down to these two. Gossip Girl was the first show YKYLF started covering, and why? Because of the crazypants amount of inappropriate fashion to snark on.

Georgina and Serena both fought their way to the top in their own trademark ways. Georgina, a #3 seed, snuck up on us before we knew what was happening. Sure, she beat Nate’s bland khaki styles, but who wouldn’t? When she took down Naomi, the #6 seed, we started to pay attention. I mean, Naomi dresses like a dominatrix on a daily basis. Georgina proceeded to shut down Lulu’s forward momentum – putting the new generation of Mean Girl back in her place. When she took down Chuck, the #4 seed, we knew she was in it to win it. She put Annie’s boho looks back in their place, and emerged – through scheming, manipulating, and seventeen tonnes of necklaces – to our Championship Round!

Georgina’s greatest hits from March Madness:

#1: Bond Villain meets Star Trek Villain. At Cece’s wake.


#2: Feathered fascinator/helmet AND studded rhinestone outer shoulderpads worn to Blair’s wedding. Which she’s crashing.


#3: Gold lame tank, sequinned cardigan worn DURING PREGNANCY. In the DAYTIME. IN PUBLIC.


Serena, meanwhile, floated on by just like her character happens into lucky situations. A #1 seed, she handily beat Mayor Lavon Hayes, faced a slight struggle to beat recently-revealed “A” Mona, then a one-two punch to bring down two Glee faux-pases in Mercedes and Sugar. While her ascent may seem effortless, it actually takes a lot of work to make someone as gorgeous as Serena look as questionable as she does on a weekly basis. She has gorgeous hair – why does it always look so messy? Her wardrobe costs more than a year’s salary for most people – why doesn’t anything fit her properly?

Serena’s greatest hits from March Madness:

#1 No pants, wearing a pullover as a dress.


#2: The Pants that Ate Paris. And are also too short for her. And possible a little see-through?


#3: See-through, sequinned blouse WITH red leather short-shorts AND lacey tights. Hair unbrushed.


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