It’s 1966 at SCDP, which means the hemlines are higher and change is brewing. Megan throws a surprise party for Don, which goes over about as well as you’d expect since even Don Draper 2.0 (the one who’s kind and doesn’t yell at clients) is happiest when he’s miserable. Megan’s rendition of “Zou Bisou Bisou” is the talk of the office, as would be expected given what a giant ball of awkward, sexy, uncomfortable, and amazing it was. Joan fears she’s being replaced, but Lane Pryce comes to the rescue and divulges that the office is a mess without her. Pete maneuvers for Roger’s office but ends up with Harry’s, which doesn’t sound like a particularly entertaining plotline, but it’s actually hilarious. And, of course, Megan and Don reveal what makes their marriage work: weird domination games.


We’ve all spent the last year wondering who Megan is and what her relationship with Don would be like. In this episode, we started to get our answers.

If Betty has been clinging to the 50s, Megan is looking forward to the late 60s and early 70s. Her hair is soft – when she turns her head, her hair actually swings instead of moving as one solid unit. Megan’s swingy hair may have been one of the most shocking revelations of the whole episode.


Love how bold and French this whole look is, particularly all the ruffles on the sleeves and collar.

If not for the fact that she got the promotion after marrying her boss, she’d be the perfect modern working woman.


Such a cute scooter dress in a great color. More importantly, though, look at that hemline.

That’s a short hemline even for some offices today. Back then, that was “Gossip in the breakroom” short. Which is exactly what Stan and Harry did.


Again, the swingy, soft hair.

I kind of wish they’d done a series of webisodes before the show premiered that were just shopping trips with Megan. I would totally watch an entire episode of her browsing through racks of kicky little dresses.


Speaking of, here’s yet another kicky little scooter dress. This one might have made me jump on Etsy in a mad dash to find something that even vaguely resembled the colorblocking and military detailing.

I never thought I’d say this after last season, but you guys? I kind of hope Megan sticks around for the long haul.


Peggy’s all business in her navy dress.

It’s not Megan’s wardrobe, but at least the dress is a flattering fit. I’m impressed that she’s found yet another dress with her signature little bow on the neckline. How does she keep finding them? And how has Joan not yet said to her, “Honey, you’re an adult. Lose the bows on everything.”


Peggy’s other work outfit is decidedly more casual and reminds me a lot of her wardrobe from back in her pregnancy days. Probably not a coincidence, given that she’s holding Joan’s baby.

Absolutely love the shoes, though. It makes me wonder if Peggy’s got a killer shoe collection we never see, because she’s so rarely in full-length shots. I’m guessing no, but it’s fun to imagine she’s secretly Imelda Marcos.


Pete’s secretary, Clara, shows us where fashions heading for young women: lower cut necklines, shorter hemlines, and looser shapes.

I love that the younger secretaries are a little more fashion-forward than expected. Megan’s set the fashion tone for the office, and everyone’s following.


Even the dim blonde secretary.

Both her dresses hit above the knee. Her hair’s still clinging to the early 60s, but those dresses are modern. It’s too bad she’ll probably get fired for being a moron. I was looking forward to seeing the rest of her wardrobe.


And then, of course, there’s Joan. You have to give the woman credit for one thing: even with a newborn, her hair looks *amazing.*


Unfortunately, the rest of her look is a little lacking these days. Pregnancy clothes were kind to no woman back in the day – not even Joan Harris.

I know, it’s unthinkable that Joan could look bad in something, but this outfit really manages to look wildly unflattering.


Sidenote: if you’ve ever wondered about the woman who birthed the epic Joanie, Mad Men has been kind enough to give us an answer. Unfortunately, it’s not what you’d expect, but I kind of love her anyway.

I love the cat eye frames on a chain. It’s very reminiscent of Joan’s pen on a chain, although that’s probably not a comparison Joan would enjoy hearing.


You have to love a woman who shamelessly flirts with Apolo the manly plumber, even if Joan doesn’t approve.

Joan’s sent her packing, but I’m hoping that when Joan returns to the office, Grandma Gail makes a triumphant return to Manhattan so we can get more of her passive-aggressive barbs and inappropriate flirting.


In her first return to the office since pregnancy, Joan opts for a dress that is undeniably amazing on her … but it’s pretty dated, compared to what the rest of the secretaries are wearing.

That hemline is several inches too long and the whole thing is too fitted. Joan’s Marilyn shape is heading out of style in favor of the gamine boyish figure. I’ll be honest: I actively worry about Joan, the way that you worry about a real person.


Also not looking her best is Trudy. When we last saw her, she was wearing adorable pink pregnancy lingerie. Now, she’s wearing a blanket that you can buy from a roadside stand along Route 66.

Poor Trudy. Being on an NBC sitcom with low ratings really takes a lot out of a girl.


So does post-partum depression and living in what might be the Drapers’ old kitchen.

Throughout this scene, I kept expecting to see Betty pop out of a cupboard. Or worse, to see Glen lurking behind the fridge.


Enough of the daywear, though. It’s time to get to the fun stuff: the party. Everyone broke out their finest mod-wear for Don’s surprise party.

Love the bold plaid from Pete and bright red tie. I would have enjoyed seening the discussion between Trudy and Pete when she brought that jacket home from the store. I’d like to think it included at least one “Hell’s bells, Trudy!” from Pete.


Trudy’s dress feels a little old with its high neckline, but the hemline’s above the knee.

Even in her postpartum haze, Trudy’s still gone into town to buy a few dresses in the last couple months. I’m proud of her.


I always forget that Ken’s wife is Alex Mack. How adorable is she?

Ken’s looking pretty conservative compared to Pete’s wild madras, but the real standout is his wife.


The looser dress, the higher hem … it’s all very late-60s, and proof that, fashion-wise, Ken’s wife is way out of his league.


Oh, Peggy.

She’s wearing the most dated dress at the party and her date is wearing a gold bangle. I love Peggy, but that girl should not be allowed to attend social functions without the guiding hand of that gay guy who cut her hair two years ago.


Epic side-eye from Jane.

Jane got the line of the episode when she replied to Roger’s “Why don’t you ever sing like that?” with “Why don’t you look like that?” Who knew Jane was witty?


And, of course, the outfit we’ve all been waiting for … Megan’s scandalously short black dress.

Seriously, this was Serena short. We nearly saw Megan’s macaron several times – which, of course, was the point.


Everything about this dress was amazing. The jeweled neckline and cuffs, the giant chiffon sleeves, the body-skimming (but not tight) shape.

Megan, congratulations. You actually are the late 60s. Let’s just hope you stick around past 1967.