Georgina (Gossip Girl) vs. Annie (90210)

This is a fascinating match-up because – other than questionable fashion sense – these two have nothing in common. Georgina plays mind games and manipulates everyone in her orbit; Annie’s too busy lecturing others and making questionable decisions (“Oops, I accidentally became a prostitute! My bad!”). If Georgina attempted to manipulate Annie’s life, G’s mind would be blown because Annie’s simply too scatterbrained to be manipulated. If Annie tried to start a conversation with Georgina, Georgina would freeze her with her eye laserbeams.

In terms of style, these two tend to make the same sorts of errors – their outfits may be fine, but not for the occasions they choose to wear them to.

Bonus look!

Georgina wears a dress overloaded with sequins to a college keg party. On the roof of an apartment building. For college freshmen. Annie wears a crop top WITH hot pants AND a chunky necklace WITH a jean jacket over the top. To clean up garbage. On the beach.



Gold lame while 9 months pregnant? Sequins to a kegger? Or bare midriffs for all occasions – like confrontations about your inheritance or community service?


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The “Adorable & Twee” Region vs the “Not Influenced by Outside Forces” Region