Raise your hand if you woke up singing “Zoo bee zoo bee zooooo”*. Yes, us too. Also, we have a desire to redecorate our homes in clean mid-century designs and swan about in bell sleeve dresses, swingy haircuts, and lots of eye makeup. Presenting Megan Draper — style star!

When YKYLF decided to branch out into shows besides Gossip Girl (at one time it was the only show on our roster), Mad Men was first on the list. But then Matt Weiner & Co. made us wait. And wait. And wait some more. Happily, the golden hour has come, and Amanda will have a full report on the aforementioned Mrs. Draper (and her SCDP frenemies) on Thursday.

*It’s “Zou Bijou Bijou” and you can get Jessica Pare’s performance as a vinyl 45. Or on iTunes. Whatever’s more convenient.