Lulu was no match for the bitchtasticly inappropriate Georgina. And sadly, Nolan’s popped collars and bowties couldn’t take down Chuck, king of the paisley bowtie. I’d still like to see a crossover episode there – Gossip Girl and Revenge (!!!) in the Hamptons at the same time. Epic red sharpie-ing.



Chuck (Gossip Girl) vs Georgina (Gossip Girl)
It’s an UES Battle Royale! (And did these two hook up? I feel like these two might have hooked up, but why don’t I remember that happening? It’s Gossip Girl, everybody’s slept with everyone, right?). For this important round, both competitors brought out their most inappropriate/wacky formalwear. First, let us consider Chuck’s sequined tuxedo jacket. Yes. Sequins. While still a teenager. And then let’s consider Georgina’s 2 inch fascinator and peacoat with rhinestone shoulderpads.

And now let’s make a really, really tough decision:


Who’s the most inappropriate? Voting ends at 11:59p Central on 3/24
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