The Sweet and Sour battle led to the Sugar beating out Lemon. And Serena with her rat’s nest and her neverending threat to expose us all to her macaron is killing the competition. Could a crazypants girl from Ohio be the one to take Serena down?



Serena (Gossip Girl) vs. Sugar (Glee)
I can’t even picture the universe-bending implosion that would occur if these two were walking down the same street, let alone being on the same network.

Serena’s been destroying the competition without breaking a sweat, but it’s time to bring out the Big Guns. No, not those ones (she’s holding those in wait in case she makes it to the finals). Yes, it’s time for Serena’s take on The Pants That Ate Manhattan. Those pants will eat anyone in their way. I think she’s actually hiding all of the eliminated people from this bracket in one leg of what may be the only pair of pants she’s worn in five seasons.

Sugar, meanwhile, has brought a variety of headwraps and furry vests to this battle, hoping to win the round with her impersonation of a gypsy fortune-teller/Vietnam protestor.


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