Moneymoneymoneymoney. Muhhhney! Ahem. Hi. Good thing you couldn’t hear me singing that. Yeah, so, this week focused on the Benjamins, namely, Nick and Jess both have a hate-on for those with excessive cash. Schmidt and Winston were relatively useless in this episode aside from the fact that they go to trivia night in an effort to impress Winston’s new ladyfriend with their brains. It apparently works, since Win and Lady end up going steady by the end of the ep. Jess and Nick try to get Nick a cell phone but he is turned down because of his low credit score. Good thing Jess is looking super cute so while Nick has a crappy credit score, he gives the appearance of having hit his own ladyfriend jackpot.


I love that when Jess isn’t at school, her dresses take on an edge. This outfit, while still cute, is far less twee than her day-to-day attire.


A handsome parent shows up at the school to tell Jess he’s pulling his kid out of her class. They exchange some choice words and Jess kicks herself for saying too much. But despite that blunder, plus the ridiculous hat and sign, Jess’s outfit was enough to win over Hunky Dad.

That’s the power of a playful and bright dress paired with an unexpected cardigan, children. Lesson learned!


Jess goes to applogize to Hunky Dad after their exchange but on the way, her car breaks down. Surprise surprise… Hunky Dad is loaded (The best kind of Hunky!) and comes to the rescue offering his fancy car for her to use. One condition – she must return it at his BBQ on the weekend. Not a bad deal. I’d take it.

I must say, if you’re going to a) apologize to a hot guy and b) have your car break down and c) need to pull the “damsel in distress” card, this is the outfit to do it in.

I’m OBSESSED with this jacket. The bow detailing is beyond cute but the colour keeps it grown-up. The striped dress underneath adds Jess’s trademark fun element to it.

But wait! As she steps into the car we notice both the dress and jacket are short. Not too short, but short enough to be chic. Love. This. Outfit.


Jess’s outfit for Hunky Dad’s BBQ is again a great example of pairing two seriously bold colours. The green patterned dress is flirty and fun, but the blue accents really tie it together.


But leave it to Jess to make a normal situation insane. First she sets off the bidet in the bathroom, gets herself and Hunky Dad soaking wet, and when he finally asks her out she lands in a koi pond. Even soaking wet, Jess is adorable.

Tune in next week to see what happens in Part 2! Do we think Hunky Dad is here to stay?