HOLY MOTHER EFFIN’ S***. First of all, what four high school girls go to a creepy motel in the woods by themselves?? Second of all, why would a high school girl go there AGAIN with a suspicious person?? Pure ridiculousness. I don’t even have more words. Just watch (if you haven’t already). And if you have watched, then you are fully aware of my speechlessness and inability to comprehend the chain of events of that just occurred. 

Drama-rama du jour
A is revealed! Or is she…?    

Gratuitous Male Shirtlessness
I have to admit I didn’t even miss this. But let’s just hope the summer season has some juicy bits in store for us. 

Best Outfit
I loved, loved, loved Spencer’s masquerade dress. Flattering, interesting color, vintage-like but not costume-looking. Well done, Spence. 

Best ‘A’ Message
“Be there when the clock strikes midnight.”  

Current ‘A’ Suspect
Mona was sort of revealed as A…but then sort of not. 


Anthony somehow won the YKYLF lottery and gets to recap the juiciness of the finale! Thursday!