Not unlike the actual basketball thing happening this month, the number 15 seeds are proving to be wily for the competition. Just look at Lulu taking down Princess Beatrice to go toe to toe with the ultimate high school mean girl, Georgina. But the real excitement is Chuck and Nolan in a wealthy playboy Hamptons showdown.



Nolan (Revenge) vs Chuck (Gossip Girl)
Paisley bow tie vs. paisley bow tie on our favourite sexually ambiguous bazillionaires! In one corner, we have Nolan Ross’s barbershop quartet look of oxford collar, purple paisley bowtie, matching pocket square, pink striped shirt, and baby blue blazer. And in the other corner, we have Chuck Bass, dressed like an Easter egg that only Martha Stewart could muster up the perfection for. Even as a teen, Chuck was committed to mixing and matching his bow ties and pocket squares.



Georgina (Gossip Girl) vs Lulu (Jane by Design)
One-time Gossip Girl vs. Mean Girl for a new generation. G likes to dress the way she likes to live: to excess. How else to explain her glittering bronze full-length Bond villain coat, worn to Cece’s wake? Meanwhile, Lulu’s not going to let something like practicality get in the way of her life’s mission: to expose her thighs as much as possible. Case in point: her short-shorts-with-over-the-knee-socks camping ensemble. 


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