Nothing can touch these ladies in their mission to be the Most Inappropriate. Not even votes against them. Number on seed Serena is on a mission to take down any outfit you throw at her, even those with competing patterns. And plaid was no match for Mercedes.  I can’t decide who I want to move ahead in this bracket – the next round is going to be a doozy.



Serena (Gossip Girl) vs Mercedes (Glee)
The mumbler vs. the belter! Why are these two women, who have everything going for them, so committed to looking like a hot mess so much of the time? Serena’s hair – envied by TV audiences around the world – usually goes unbrushed, but the Amy Winehouse tribute she teased for Blair’s wedding takes “rat’s nest” to a whole new level. Mercedes looks gorgeous when glammed up onstage, but spends her time in the school hallways in too-small, clashing 1998-retro outfits (all too often featuring what looks like chauffeur caps).



Sugar Motta (Glee) vs Lemon (Heart of Dixie)
It’s a Minnie Mouse costume-off! Exhibit A: Sugar’s glittery Spice Girls/Minnie Mouse ensemble. Exhibit B: Lemon’s Southern Belle Minnie Mouse ensemble. Bear in mind their full body of inappropriate outfits, though, not just this one instance of overlapping red sequinned craziness.


Who’s the most inappropriate? Voting ends at 11:59p Central on 3/20
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