They may be twee, but the fight for most inappropriate is fierce over here. Jess’ high-waisted polka dot shorts were no match for Ivy’s neo-hippie boho chic. And between Aria always looking like she’s in costume and the actual costume Zoe Hart wore to work, it’s anyone’s guess who’ll come out on top.



Aria (Pretty Little Liars) vs Zoe (Hart of Dixie)
Two teeny girls with pretty hair and the highest heels on TV. Aria’s dedication to exposing her bra went to new heights recently, when she paired a backless bodysuit/minidress with a black bra and, oh yes, a see-through beige petticoat. Dr. Hart’s worn lace-trimmed shorts, leather shorts, and 6″ wedge heels to work but I can’t not include this image of her as the Belle from Hell. 



Billy (Jane by Design) vs Ivy (90210)
Much like Dan and Annie would get on great (with the judgmenty pants and the questionable hair choices), I can see Billy and Ivy going together to protest… something. Although, they wouldn’t last long because Billy would faint without access to his hair mousse, jewellery box, extraneous suspenders. This is the kid who wore a jaunty scarf on a school camping trip. Ivy, meanwhile, would get tangled up in her own sarong/capes and/or start freaking out with fringes began falling off of her ensemble.


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