Well, there goes our bracket. First off, #2 seed BLAIR WALDORF is out! Fellow Queen Bee Lulu gave her the sting, and a new generation of Mean Girl now has another chance to show you her questionable choices.

Speaking of queens, Queen V spanked her son Daniel. Really, the poor boy had no chance. It was a tight match between Spencer and Princess Beatrice but in the end, royalty ruled. Mercedes destroyed PLL mom Ashley…as well she should. Ashley is dressed impeccably at all times. Bridget (complete with Murder Trunk and Saw accessory pack) looked like she was going to win, but in the end it’s good twin vs bad twin in a Lying Game matchup between Emma and Sutton.

The real Cinderella story, though, could be Irish Kid. Will his lucky charms take him all the way to the top? YOU DECIDE!

Go have fun and vote on who’s the most inappropriate…

The “Rich and Sometimes Famous” Region
The “Adorable and Twee” Region
The “Double Lives” Region
The “Not Influenced By Outside Forces” Region

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