When Nick experiences a cancer scare (don’t worry though, he ended up being fine) it causes him to think about what he’s done with his life so far. Who wants to be the guy guarding wallets on the beach while everyone skinny-dips in the ocean? So the gang took Nick to the beach, but it turned out the water was a little cold for swimming. Still, it brought the whole gang together and in the end they split the cost of Nick’s medical bill. Now that’s a good group of friends, right?


It all began with a harmless game of touch football. Jess tackled Nick just a little too hard. But she looks cute in her plaid shirt and skinny jeans! I cannot say the same for Schmidt’s outfit. Who allowed him to leave the house looking like that?


That night at the bar, Jess was looking a little more subdued than usual – no bright colors here. We never got a good look at her navy dress, but her hair and makeup were lovely.


Plus, Jess’s outfit was totally shown up by CeCe’s awesomesauce shoes. Bad ass!


Now here’s the Jess we know and love – that hot pink coat suits her perfectly.

And good thing she bundled up, because they all ended up spending the night on the beach. Sounds chilly, but I bet it wasn’t – because sparks were flying! Who’s ready to see Nick and Jess get together?