Isn’t it kind of crazy how Emma took over Sutton’s life, and everybody’s come to like her better? Like, every single person in her life. Her parents, her sister, her BF, her sister’s BF, her BFF. Emma is like Sutton 2.0 – looks a lot the same, but with 100% more kindness!

Mads has made her choice and is totally #TeamEmma. As the episode starts, she’s also #TeamRebecca, totes happy about their upcoming not-at-all-suspiciously-rushed marriage in this adorable yellow knit:

Her hair is always so perfectly curled, too.


At the engagement dinner (you know, a day after the proposal and a day before the wedding), Mads brought some Evening Glamour in an LBD with some serious hardware around her neck:

Love this look on her. She’s a wee little lollipop, but she always brings a rocker twist to her girlie looks. The heavy earrings and cross necklace keep her looking youthful and cute.


She also did a little Duchess Catherine wardrobe repeating, wearing her cute jacket from earlier this season when they left the party. Oh, hi British BF. No time for your surely-sketchy backstory, we’re busy with all this Rebecca/Alec/Ted craziness.


Later, she shows that despite her happy demeanour, she’s not entirely on board with #TeamRebecca. I luuurve this boatneck top, she’s bringing the classic Mads ballerina style.


Then things get all kinds of effed up. Firstly, this is what you, a 16-year-old girl, wear to your father’s wedding? Really?

… like, really? This is a Serena van der Woodsen style “Hey! It’s my boobs!” dress. Somehow, her curled hair acts like so many arrows, directing your attention to her chest.


I like to think Mads realized this was totally inappropriate for the wedding, but what with the police raid, didn’t have time to change. And so she changed into…

A black trenchcoat? Really? As maid of honour in a wedding, you stand up in front of everybody wearing… a black trenchcoat?

I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt here. She was way too busy with emotional turmoil to really pay attention to what she was wearing. And I guess a trench is better wedding party attire than cutoffs and a bikini top… barely.


Laurel Swift can always be relied upon for age-appropriate styling and adorable outfits. This week, she also brought out the big guns acting as her mother’s bodyguard. When Ted showed up with his Sad Dad act, Laurel was having none of that shizz.

That is the face of a girl who will break your arm before she lets you in to see her mother. So step away, Bad Dad. Stay awaaaaay.

Oh, and PS, this is what Laurel was wearing to comfort her Mom and stare down Bad Dad:

Cute lacey cami, cute reddish pink cardi, total classic Laurel casual style. I know this episode was heavy on the dramz, which is maybe why I like this look best this week. Simple, ladylike, and yet appropriate to the occasion (unlike, say, wearing a black trenchcoat to be maid of honour at your father’s wedding).

Here’s the tank on its own, BTW, which only makes me like the outfit even more:

The lace detail on the neckline? I die.


I’m not as big a fan of Laurel’s evening look of flesh-toned sequinned crop tuxedo jacket and black top:

I mean, yes, she looks cute. But it’s Laurel, she looks cute in EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME. Here’s another shot of the weird light-pink/nude-coloured jacket:

Between this and Rebecca’s sequins-a-go-go look, I think the costumers were just having a shiny moment. Hopefully next season they ration the sequins out a little better each episode.


Also? Laurel had a repeat performance of the ruffled-back jacket that caused me to have a minor meltdown a few weeks ago:

If I owned that coat, I’d be wearing it out as much as possible, too. Love how Mads and Laurel both had wardrobe repeating this week. The gals of The Lying Game: they’re just like us!


Since we’re heading into a long, sad, confusing hiatus where we all try and figure out what, exactly, Sutton and Rebecca had planned to have happen (Alec arrested? Emma breaking up with Ethan? Kristin finding out about the affair? All of the above?), I wanted to leave us all with some nice images.

Ethan’s bad boy (with a heart of gold!) motorcycle look:

Except for the hair in the face, this is a pretty great look. Maybe look into a haircut before the return from hiatus, mmkay?


Ethan’s trademark plaid shirt and Members Only jacket look:

Oh, and his “furrowed brow, confused/sad hot guy” look.


But I know which look y’all want to have to bide you over until TLG comes back: Ethan lounging while casually flexing his muscles in a tank:

I recommend making this your desktop until TLG comes back. Happy hiatus, everybody!