So it’s fair to say that Emily’s revenge (!!!) on The Graysons is definitely coming to fruition. They haven’t really had a moment’s peace this summer and since Daniel’s birthday showdown, they’ve all been more tense than a Real Housewife at a sample sale. But you know what? Tragedy and disaster look good on Charlotte because girlfriend has been in top form since finding out she’s the love child of adultery.

Case in point: this emerald feast. I won’t lie, the sundress looks a lot like an old sofa we used to have in my parent’s rec room. Which is fine really since I’ve seen drapes come back into fashion on Jane By Design, but green is definitely a colour Charlotte wants to wear. And lighter toned purse? It actually made say “Mmhmm” out loud. The Revenge (!!!) costume folk sure know how to accessorize a girl on the verge of a nervous breakdown.


Of course, the floral number on mumsy’s plotting balcony was a gorge look as well. But we’ve seen that before. Give me something with flare. With pizazz. Something that makes me think, “Am I watching Knott’s Landing”? Something like…. this:

I know that’s Declan’s jacket, but with that ultra sleek hair, chandelier earrings and the pronounced shoulders, I felt like it was 1983 for a moment. And it was beautiful. She even has the perfect “long lost sister” storyline!


Although I find it hilarious that no one has connected Emily and Charlotte before. I mean, they’re both gorgeous, smart, have impeccable bouncy, curl hair… and then there’s this business:


With all the dramatic close-ups this week, it could have easily been 1983 and no one would have noticed. Unless he’s rocking some summertime casual, Conrad only needs close-ups because he wears the same suit every week.


But I will say this for the Graysons’, they know how to grieve in style. For example, here’s the table set when they come home from the police station:


A wee continental breakfast never hurt anyone after hours of interrogation. Or how about when they meet with a lawyer? Or release some tension over brandy?

Victoria couldn’t be more of a queen, and Conrad is the poster boy for old money. Queen Vic is actually wearing a silk nightie with lace details as she drowns herself in brandy. They only way she could be more decadent would be to have two magnificent boys carry her and fan her all evening.


Even at the police station she’s a total queen. Sure, she’s an emotional wreck but that doesn’t stop her from looking damn good. Although I am curious as to where she got that fabulous shawl. And I do miss seeing her cinched into an ivory dress. I mean, yeah pants are OK, but you’re Victoria Grayson. It’s like seeing Karl Lagerfeld without a fan – it happens but we’re all like “what’s the deal”?



Anyone else kind of die a little when she showed up at Emily’s house with an engagement gift? Even under extreme pressure, Victoria Grayson can still muster up a withering bitchface.