This week on The Breakfast Club She’s The Man Jane By Design, India schemed to bring Jane along for a weekend business trip, ruining Jane’s plans to go camping with Nick. But then!! On the camping trip, there are not one but TWO unexpected kisses – Ben and Rita, and Nick and Lulu! When Billy witnesses the latter, he quits the trip and embraces his brother’s criminal lifestyle and then gets ARRESTED! And then Jane totes got busted by Ben for her secret double life!


Jane starts off the episode packing for her camping trip. Since it’s Jane, this includes numerous tutus:

Jane, don’t even pretend you have to think about it. Of COURSE you should bring the fuschia tutu on the school camping trip!

Then again, she probably shouldn’t come to me for advice becuase I a) hate camping and b) hate camping. That being said, I don’t know why anyone thought this was too much luggage. I agree with her entirely – a lady must be prepared for numerous fashion situations:

And if you’re thinking her outfit isn’t entirely appropriate for camping, well… just wait to see the rest of the campers. The ruffled skirt is kinda her signature now (well, that and/or tutus) and, sadly, meh Mom-styled old lady blouses are a close runner-up to her signature.

OK, who am I kidding? Wildly inappropriate for high school, ankle-endangering heels are her signature. Well, wearing them while skipping about like a spastic whirligig.

J’adore. These look kinda similar to the latest collection from Dr. Zoe Hart Rachel Bilson’s ShoeMint, but a bit more camping-appropriate. I mean, they lace up and stuff. Practically hiking boots.


Her jean jacket with the merit badges makes another unwelcome appearance this week. It’s like she’s spent so much time at Donovan Decker, she’s forgotten how teens really dress, so she looks like a 21 Jump Street teen spy in this outfit:

Also? The ABC Family makeup artists set their makeup guns to CLOWN because girlfriend was wearing an entire extra face, made up of excessive makeup this week.

The daytime false lashes are not helping with your “teen” disguise, Janey. Wait, she actually is a teen pretending to be an adult on evenings and weekends. Wait… OK, I’m starting to lose track.


She pulls off executive assistant pretty well this week, in a gorgeous blue mini and a studded black jacket.

Who am I kidding, we’re all looking at Carter in this picture. He’s so tall and muscley he makes Jane look like a Smurf. Who do I need to bribe to get them to change the focus of this show to Carter By Design? It would be about Carter, who lives a double life as a super handsome fashion guy AND a super handsome… I don’t know… PhD candidate/spy?


Anyway, this week included Jane in a variety of bizarrepants crackpot situations that only she (or Lucille Ball) would find themselves in, such as…


“Oh, hi! I totally leaned so far to the side that I fell on the ground, but rather than stand up like a normal person, I’ll just lie here on the FLOOR OF A NIGHTCLUB like that was my plan all along.”

“As part of my adult disguise, I will order Shirley Temples in the fancy Beverly Hills nightclub. NOBODY WILL SUSPECT I’M REALLY 15.”

(*Note: she then, hilariously, gets hungover from the excess sugar the next morning. Nice touch, show. Grenadine is like 500% corn syrup.)


“I’m living a secret double life, so I’ll just print out my self-portraits in foreign countries and leave them lying around my house for anyone to find! I totally won’t get caught this way!”

(*Note: she does live with Ben, who has taken this long to realize that her teen sister’s “internship” seems to have taken over her life, and she keeps running off with her Passport, so I guess I understand why she wasn’t overly cautious in this regard)


Despite having the social graces of a caffeine-addicted toddler raised in a bubble, Jane’s lovable personality won over India (a little bit) and they decided to recreate the opening credit sequence of The Lying Game:

Jane’s retro two-piece is seriously adorable. And India’s going to get some messed-up tan lines from that one-piece.


And then I have to throw in a shot of Jane’s final outfit from this week. Notice something different?

Pants! Jane Quimby is wearing pants! Not a tutu, not a cocktail dress, but FULL LENGTH PANTS. Mark this date, I don’t know if this will happen again. Likely a Leap Day miracle.

In other news, Billy’s back to rocking his original recipe look and I couldn’t be happier to welcome back…

Fun patterned Cons! Purple skinnies!

The entire contents of Claire’s Accessories! Fauxhawk!

Leather jacket! Suspenders and a belt!

Welcome back, Billy.

Oh, and FYI, check out Billy’s camping attire:

Yes, Billy’s camping attire includes a jaunty scarf. He and Jane (and her camping tutu and platforms) are kind of perfect for each other. And for me, frankly, because I’d rather rock a scarf and tutu than practical shoes and a plaid shirt. (Have I mentioned that camping is the worst? THE WORST)

At first glimpse, Lulu’s attire seems somewhat outdoorsy:

Plaid shirt, check. Shorts, check.

Wait… are those shadows reflected on her legs or…

Yeah, lace thigh-highs. For camping. At night.

Am I the only person who gets bug bites sitting in my house with all the windows shut? When I’m in the woods, I COVER THAT UP. And by “that,” I mean, my entire body.

 The show was v. subtle this week leading up to Nick and Lulu’s kiss. I mean, who saw that coming? They were just sitting there, chatting, when… wait, what’s that in the lower left-hand corner?

Yeah, a pre-emptive hashtag to make sure all the Tweeps know the proper hashtag for their couple name. #NickandLulu, not #LuluandNick, or #LuNick or #DownWithMonogamy. #NickandLulu, people.

Before she was all cheatypants and making out with Jane’s BF in her thigh-highs, Lulu also wore this super sweet cardigan with pink stripey wrists:

I’d also like to point out that Ben, despite being my complete soulmate in terms of hating camping, rocked possibly the most practical camping outfit of anyone this week.

… and I may also have posted this pic because he’s super cute. But the fisherman’s sweater layered over the button-up, untucked with worn-in jeans? Swoon. I don’t blame Rita at all for making her move on the sweet doofus.

And he’s lucked out with her, too. Who wakes up with perfect messy curls after spending a night in a tent?

Wait, have you seen her tent?

That’s a one-person tent, btw. It’s also the size of  my entire apartment. That is some Harry Potter tent-size shenanigans. I’m pretty sure she’s got a mini-bar, full-sized bathroom, and California king bed inside of there. “I like to be at one at nature,” Rita? Or do you just like camping so you can show off your GIGANTIC TENT to everybody?

There was only one more ostentatious display than her tent this week. And that, my friends, was the debut of Donovan Decker Airlines:

Pictured above is Jane wondering, “Why’d I have to fly business class to Paris when Donovan Decker has it’s own freaking jet? Daaaamn.”

India, fresh off of her breakup from Jeremy’s Highlights, made a rare fashion misstep with this dress fashioned out of oversized curtains:

I don’t know if that’s even got seams on it. She may have literally wrapped a curtain around herself.

However, she still retains her innate fashionista, best displayed in this week’s collection of shoulder-sweeping earrings:


Maybe it’s because she’s our real-life BFF now, but I was feeling for India this week. First, she gets jumped by a guy in a vest, then she has to babysit a disguised teenager in a bar, and finally her attempts at girl talk were stymied by the fact that Jane’s a teetotalling 15-year-old virgin.

Her advice was sound, though. This guy?

Clearly Mr. Wrong. First of all, he’s wearing a vest. Secondly, he continued to pursue Jane despite her Shirley Temple addiction. And third… OK, there isn’t a third. Two things are enough.

As for Mr Frosted Tips himself?

… there are no words.

OK, a few:

1) Step away from the vests, Vesty Vesterson

2) If you’re going to wear a bowtie TIE IT UP OH MY GOD

3) Did you… iron your untied bowtie?

4) Get help. I suggest letting Carter give you a full makeover. xo YKYLF Staff