Nothing like an Irish wake and the reading of a will to bring out the worst from the entire Rhodes clan. And nothing like Georgina crashing a wake to stir things up.


Party du Jour
CeCe Fitzgerald Rhodes’ wake. It’s true when they say we hardly knew ye, because no one expected the Irish wake.

Best Quotes
Blair: “I don’t respond well to threats. Neither does Cyrus. He fought in ‘Nam.” (Just because it made me picture him involved in a land war in Asia).

Georgina: “Do you want to spend your days knowing you didn’t stop Blair from falling into the flannel arms of that pretentious poseur.” (It’s like she reads YKYLF!)

Best Outfit
Chivy may not be welcome at the secret wake, but her black lace number was pretty classy for her takeover of Lily’s apartment.

Worst Outfit
Oh Serena! That sweater and shearling monstrosity of a trench! You looked like a suede box.

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