At best, I would describe this week’s episode of Glee as tonally inconsistent. At worst, I’d describe it as a disastrous mash-up of two PSAs that had no place being in the same episode, or perhaps on television at all. In the show’s first act, we saw Karofsky deal with some serious bullying and attempt suicide. Then the show dealt with that in strange, misguided ways. (Kurt rushing to the side of his former tormenter, Schu giving an Irish kid peanut butter to teach them about teen suicide, Sebastian immediately reforming his smarmy, jerkwad ways because that’s apparently what happens when someone tries to kill himself). In the second act we had Regionals, which felt incredibly off considering what had happened in the episode. I can’t enjoy the Troubletones belting out “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” in this context. And in the third act we had Rachel and Finn’s woulda-been wedding, and an incredibly obtuse lesson about the dangers of texting and driving. Is Quinn dead? We won’t know until the show is back from hiatus in April. And that’s what you missed on Glee!


This is a difficult episode to cover for a snarky fashion website, both because it dealt with some serious issues and because I have some serious problems with all that went down. But we have a job to do, folks, and I’m going to do it! Let’s start by talking about Rachel. How many red dresses does girlfriend own?

You have to admit, it’s a great color on her.


And this adorable nautical dress would have made YFYLF writer L-A swoon, had she not been too busy ranting about the episode.


Rachel also looked absolutely lovely in this polka-dot number with the red belt.


The role of blushing bride suits her, I guess. She really killed it (oh god, accidental bad pun – sorry) on the fashion front in this episode. I’m less impressed with Kurt. I wish we could see the stripes he’s rocking underneath that bland jacket. Love the look on his face, though – it’s because he’s addressing our nemesis, Sebastian.

Smarmy, smarmy, smarmy. Hate.


Kurt made questionable fashion choices throughout the episode. There was this shirt:

 Is that vintage? Like, vintage from the 1800s? It looks like it came from the set of Little House on the Prairie and he was out working in the fields with Pa Ingalls.


At least it’s better than this:

What is that supposed to be? Is he a sad clown? A sad mime? An old-timey black and white circus ringleader?


He did look cute here with Blaine – these boys sure know how to rock a jacket.


Kurt’s fashion choices have been questionable lately, but this red sweater and bow-tie combo makes my fashionable heart flutter.


And he brings the prep again in a striped polo.

I think we can attribute the morose facial expressions to the fact that Darren Criss knows he should have extended his stint on Broadway rather than take part in this Very Very Special Episode.


So how did the God Squad deal with the news that Karofsky had tried to take his own life? Mercedes ordered an Edible Arrangement.

I guess Mercedes is back to dressing like it’s 1998?


Sam and Dreadlock Teen Jesus looked sad in grey.


And Quinn questioned how someone could ever get to a place where taking your own life was an option.

Oh Quinn, have some compassion! Sure you got knocked up during high school, but everyone still loved you! Or that’s what Kurt argued, but he’s a little bit wrong. Quinn’s parents did practically disown her after all. And she went through that weird punk phase. Now she’s back to cardigans and floral skirts. It’s a good look for her.


Here’s another cute sweater/skirt outfit on Quinn, and again Mercedes looks like she’s stepped straight out of the 90s in that shiny jacket.


Quinn doesn’t always look cute, though – sometimes the demure looks is way too over the top. In this navy dress she looks about 45 years old.


Speaking of mistakes, let’s take a look at Sugar. First there was this:

What is on her head? What is that? A bow made out of ground up $100 bills? And don’t even get me started on the Irish kid and all those Charlie Sheen shirts. Who told him that’s what Americans wear?


Here he is again, in a shirt that makes him look like the only place to shop in Ireland is a Goodwill circa 1957.


He’s eating peanut butter because that’s how Will decided to talk about teen suicide. Yes, there are still teachers at McKinley High!

Just keep telling yourself you’re getting through to them, Will…


Tina certainly looks like she understands.

Or perhaps she’s just lost in thought, wondering if Sugar was dropped on her head as a baby.


With all the talk of teen suicide, you’d think there’d have been more appearances from Emma, the school guidance counselor.

There she is, with apparently the only faculty at McKinley High, learning the news of Karofsky’s attempted suicide. And I’m pretty sure that was the only time we saw her. Was she too busy handing out pamphlets to stop Will from pulling that stupid peanut butter gag?

We couldn’t get a good look at her outfit, but the detailing on her blouse was divine.

Next, onto Regionals and Rachel’s wedding!