I seriously debated what category to put Laurel in. After all, her French-inspired outfits from past weeks have been magnifique. However, she kicked off this episode in a flouncy plaid dress that would leave teardrops on Taylor Swift’s guitar.

Come on, Laurel. You’re better than that. And you’re certainly better than Jude Law, with his dirty hipster scarf and Coachella promises.

Don’t make that face, Jude Law. You know it’s true.


Laurel does make up for her plaid flouncing with dewy makeup and some bright lipstick.

Why didn’t Mads get all the full-length shots and Laurel all the close-ups? The world is so cruel, you guys.


Sidenote: the Mercer family wears more bathrobes than any other family, ever.

How does Laurel manage to make her bathrobe look so damn cute? And, more importantly, how does Kristen manage to make her bathrobe look even frumpier?


Laurel decides that if her bows have gone over so well in the past, the more bows the better. Unfortunately, I do not agree on this point.

Seriously, Laurel, you are a darling girl, but this is decidedly a “miss.” Even if you do look very cute at your family dinner.

Kristen could learn a thing or two from Laurel’s ability to offset frumpiness with sleek hair and dewy makeup.


This may have been the most trench-heavy episode ever. Even Laurel got in on the action with a girly take on the military classic.

I can’t wait until we finally see Laurel’s Magic Closet … there’s no question that it’s going to be the ruffled, girly equivalent of Sutton’s Shrine to Daytime Glamour and Hanging Bathing Suits.


Speaking of Sutton, at the beginning of the episode she’s still rocking the country chic.

I’m sure that much plaid gives her hives, but she does look darn cute in it. When she goes to the jail to impersonate Emma and ruin her twin’s relationship with the cute-yet-dim Ethan, Sutton opts for some seriously unflattering butter yellow skinnies.

I didn’t realize you could dress passive-aggressively, but if anyone would be able to manage, it’d be Sutton.



And of course, Sutton ends the episode by donning a devil-red blouse to reveal that she accidentally slept with her twin’s boyfriend.


Sutton, you evil, magnificent trainwreck. Never change.