Ethan’s in jail, and Sutton’s been freed from the confines of the reservation. So, of course, she decides to make up for lost time and resume her reign of terror over Emma’s life by pretending to be Emma and telling jailbird Ethan that “she” slept with Thayer. Ethan may be pretty, but he’s not near as good as Stefan when it comes to telling the difference between his girlfriend and her evil doppleganger. Also, Rebecca’s on team Ethan, there’s a photo of Alec holding the murder weapon, and Laurel Swift might be headed to Coachella.


You have to give Miss Emma some props: If my boyfriend were being arrested in a high-profile murder case, I would not be dressed to the nines in a sharp white trench and a cream-and-black top.

The fact that her white trench makes it through an entire day looking as crisp as the moment it emerged from Sutton’s Magical Closet makes me think that her closet has a Magic Dry Cleaner in the back.


If Laurel was the big fashion winner of the last few weeks, this week the award goes to Emma. Check out her cropped trench, adorable lace dress, and impractical-but-sexy heels.

I am constantly impressed by how quickly Emma has adapted to life as Sutton. I have a hunch that in her old life, Emma never had to drive in heels. Now, she’s speeding through Phoenix in four-inch heels on the reg.


I’m torn on her accessories, though. What do you guys think: is her ladies-who-lunch bag a hit or a miss?

I want to say it’s a miss, because it’s so overly structured and way too big, yet totally impractical for school (case in point: why is she carrying a bag that big and her textbook?). But it’s still super cute, and I love the way the navy contrasts with the turquoise coat.


I have a hunch that Sutton has lookbooks in her closet for all eventualities, and Emma just consults these lookbooks whenever she’s feeling stumped. They probably have very clear titles, like: “Club Function Outfits,” “Flirt With My Bestie’s Brother Outfits,” “School to Arraignment Outfits.”

Such a cute double-breasted blazer (can we please do a cataloguing of all Sutton’s blazers, btw?), but I’m not loving it with the dress.


How amazing would this green dress have been under that white trench from the beginning of the episode?  Particularly with this chunky necklace.

Normally I’m not on board with matching the color of the stones in your accessories to your outfits, but the Lying Game costumers do it so well, I’ll give them a pass.


We didn’t get many full-shots of our Wee Little Lollipop this week, but Mads brought it in all the tight shots.

One of my favorite things about Mads’s accessory wardrobe (acceserdrobe?) is how well she contrasts dainty with tough. Case in point: this very girly gold coin necklace with what looks like a very military-inspired jacket.


A rare full-shot of Mads as she calls Sutton a terrible friend:

Oh, Mads. I know you’re angry at Sutton, and you want to punish her, but this outfit is only punishing those of us who love you. Your legs are amazing, no doubt, but shorts and over the knee socks are not the way to show this off.


As L-A lamented last week, where do these teens get such cool leather jackets? Why was I never given the name of this secret store during my teen years?

It would have been nice to get this outfit in a full shot, rather than that last unfortunate look. Particularly since she’s wearing amethyst skinny jeans that seem to match her earrings.

Also, that hair is what hair aspires to be when it grows up. So structured yet soft, full but smooth … you guys, deep secret time: I kind of want to be Mads.


Who, by the by, is totally going to grow up into Rebecca in all the best ways possible (and I’m not convinced she’s *not* secretly Mads’s mom). The woman wears white pantsuits like they’re loungewear.


Let’s just hope the frump gene skips a generation, because Rebecca tends to offset her amazing, lush curls with some serious dowdiness. Case in point:

Astonishingly gorgeous hair, lackluster color and accessorizing.


Or worse, look at her date outfit:

Come on, Rebecca! You’re smoking hot, have mysterious intentions, and are on a date with the equally smoking hot and mysteriously intentioned DA. You can do better than that high-neck satin schmatta.


Points for the cape, though. I’m not sure how practical a black cape is in Phoenix at any time of year, but at least it looks cosmopolitan and fabulous.

And if you want to let me borrow that purse as a bag for school, I wouldn’t be opposed. Just sayin’.


It’s a good thing that Rebecca stepped it up for her breakfast date, because Alec brought it with a three-piece suit.

If he keeps looking this good, Alec can wrongly accuse me of murder any time.


Dan’s former flame and current deus ex machina, Theresa, does what she can with a very limited wardrobe. Nearly every other character has an extensive outerwear collection; poor Theresa is limited to this single trench.

Let me rephrase: she is limited to this single, remarkably well-tailored trench. If you have to wear one coat for your entire run as a guest star, there are worse jackets to be stuck in, that’s for sure. I was also very much a fan of her sleek, no-nonsense hairstyles.

Given what Phoenix air apparently does to most womens’ hair (turning it lush, curly, and shiny), it’s impressive that she’s managed to get her hair so stick-straight.

Also, was it just me, or did she look like a mix of Helen Hunt and Rachel McAdams, in the best way possible?