Just when we thought Jess couldn’t get anymore “adorkable”, she puts her Caring Teacher Hat to help a kid who is being bullied in her class. By making him get in front of the whole class and perform a duet with her. Mm-hmm. The bully, aka Brianna The Demon Child aka The Annoying Overachiever (there’s one in every class) takes a video of said performance and puts it on the Internet with some, um, choice animation added. Jess then “accidentally” breaks Brianna’s fancy robot arm science project and unsuccessfully tries to cover it up. Oh, there are sparks, and not the good kind. Meanwhile, Schmidt finally gives Cece samples of his cheese and Nick freaks out (like a girl, I might add) when Julia sends him a cactus. Although you can only half blame him for breaking it. A cactus is a pretty lame present.


Jess starts off the episode with a little banter, some unintentional Hitler jokes, and great pattern-mixing in one of my fav colour combinations – red, black and white:

I think the red bow belt is cute, but maybe a bit too much with everything else that’s going on? Although, it is very “young, quirky, fun teacher”, which I guess is appropriate.


Poor Miss Day. She just wants the kids to love each other, get along and learn. She just wants to sing folksy jingles and wear super-cute printed dresses – is that so wrong?! I’ll tell you what’s wrong – so many 12 year olds with cell phones, that’s what. Whippersnappers.


At the science fair, Jess looks on at Brianna’s demo of her accidentally sabotaged robot-arm project in a black and white plaid dress with a ruffled top.

It’s just another very appropriate “YQFT” outfit. YQFT = young, quirky, fun teacher. I explained this earlier. Weren’t you paying attention? Don’t make me keep you after class!


Alas, Brianna’s hastily fixed robot arm does NOT work and when her mom confront Jess, she basically tells them that Brianna sucks and needs a punch in the mouth, whilst an awkwardly crazy Nick (who Julia had just broken up with) completely silences the entire gym with a speech about how the world is round and all we need is love…or something. Apparently this is all inappropriate science fair behaviour because Jess gets sent to the principal’s office. Only in Jess’ case, the principal is also her boss (DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUN). 

I can’t decide if it was a good idea on Jess’ part to dress like a prim 50’s housewife to meet with the principal. I suppose on the one hand it gives off the “look, I can be appropriate and conservative” vibe, but for me it gives more of a “Brady Bunch meets my grandmother’s curtains” vibe.

As it always is with Jess, everything is made better in the end with a song. In this case, it was a rousing rendition of “I Wanna Lift You Up With My Robot Arm”.

So, were you “hot” or “hate” for teacher? Do you think Cece and Schmidt will become a real couple? Do you think Jess and Nick will start something now that Julia is out of the picture? Do you think “I Wanna Lift You Up” should be the next She & Him single?