Last week Lemon and George decided that they should elope. Everyone in their right mind knows this is a bad idea, but it took the snowstorm to raise some red flags. 

Why Lemon, planning a sneaky marriage looks good on you! Our formerly uptight belle has let her hair down and sported a jacket that belongs in this decade. It adds a huge sass-factor to a shirt that would fall flat if it were on its own. Not totally sure why George is wearing a vest though. I guess that’s just how lawyers roll in Bluebell.


 Sadly, Sparkly Jacket does not save the day. Magnolia catches wind of the nuptials and vows to put a stop to this nonsense. 

So naturally, Lemon invites her along. Magnolia gets confused, though, and dresess for a ski trip to Vermont, rather than an elopement in Charleston.


Despite the attire being a bit odd for a wedding roadie, I do appreciate the sequined bow scarf and especially Lemon’s headband.

I was worried Lemon would wear a suit a la SATC The Movie (and by that I mean The First One, The One That Did Not Suck), but her white ballgown with off white jacket was just what you’d expect from Lemon Breeland at her Court House wedding.


Magnolia, however, steals nuptial thunder. This is the second time a sequined bow makes an appearance in this episode and I LOVE IT!


The wedding doesn’t end up happening, and I stand firm in my belief that Lemon and George will not make it down the aisle. So does this mean Zoe will end up with George? Or does she need to finally lock lips with Wade? Sober, that is.