Bluebell has no shortage of quirks (ahem, last week’s faux alien abduction?), but just when you thought things were bizzaro enough, it goes ahead and snows. Apparently, this is way worse than the apocalypse or an alien abduction, because it totally screws with everyone’s head and turns Bluebell into crazytown. You know, more so than normal.


Being from New York you’d think that perhaps Zoe would have a pair of weather appropriate boots, but hey, at least she’s wearing practical wedges? Even in the winter – and fully covered up – Zoe Hart is still 110% stylin. Gotta give a girl credit for that. I’m sure she’s got a pair of flats in that sweet bag!


It’s time for Didi to meet Lavon Hayes’ parents, but the snow freaks her out and she shows up at the bar with her robe and curlers. Yeah, I don’t know either. At this point I’m just happy she’s got something on.

More importantly than Didi’s avant garde do’ is Wade’s outfit. Look VERY closely. THERE IS NO PLAID! The snow storm has thrown everyone off so much Wade has decided to show off his pecs in layered tees. 

And let’s take another look at Mayor Lavon Hayes. What a dashing dude. No wonder he’s the mayor. Too bad he’s got so many secrets wrapped up in that scarf.


So Lavon’s parents have actually traveled across the country, together, to tell Lavon that they’re splitting up. Fear not, Didi and her bold print dress come to the rescue and convince Lavon to throw his parents a last supper before their divorce.

Her plan does the trick (I mean come on, how can you resist anyone in that dress) and they get back together. But not before they have a romantic night in Zoe’s room. Eeeeehhhhh…


While Zoe’s room is being used for adult extracurricular activities, she spends the day stewing over whether or not her Dad loves her. Her faux Dad that is. A damsel in distress is always more successful with a well crafted outfit. I’m very happy to say that although Ms. Hart’s outfits weren’t plentiful this week, they were 100% winter appropriate. Minus the shoes.

Because the Hayes family defied the snow and got back together, Wade found it in his heart to apologize to poor Zoe for breaking her and the vet up. But again. Where is the smooch? Will it ever happen?