In a Very Very Special Episode of Glee, Karofsky attempts suicide and Quinn gets into a car accident while texting and driving. Sebastian the Warbler tried to deal with a guilty conscience because of cruel things he’d said to Karofsky and make up for being a d-bag, but too little too late. Will trivilizes depression by talking about how he was sad after cheating on a math test and by giving the Irish kid peanut butter for the first time (because Ireland doesn’t have such fancy nut butters). New Directions surprises no one with a Regionals win, Quinn is back as a Cheerio, Sue is pregnant and being nice, and Rachel and Finn decide to live in the moment and bump up their wedding date. And that’s what you missed on the ABC After School Special Glee!



Schue’s Challenge: The focus was on Regionals this week, and the theme was “Inspiration”.

Song of the Night: I wanted to say “Stronger”, but in the context of this episode it was just uncomfortable. So I’ll say Blaine singing “Cough Syrup”.

Melodramatic Rachel  Solo of the Week:  She closed out Regionals (and led New Directions to a win) with her take on “Here’s To Us” by Halestorm.

Goldblum Gold: “When the judge says, ‘does anyone object’, we’ll all say ‘we do’ with feeeeeling.” (seriously Goldblum. Never leave us). 

Brittany Bon Mot: “I want Lord Tubbington to kick his ecstacy addiction.”

Outfit of the Week:  A mini-recap isn’t enough space to cover my feelings on teenage weddings, but Rachel’s dress was lovely and classic. It’d be even better if she were at least five years older.

Worst Outfit of the Week:  Kurt, I love you, but Imma need you to do something about those giant, stiff collars. Like the one you wore while visiting Karofsky. And no, loaning them to Tina isn’t acceptable.

Tracksuit count:  3


Tune in Friday to see who Jill thinks wins the Regionals of style.