Ahh Nolan. Another day, another popped-collar ensemble. Full disclosure- I was not a Nolan fan initially. I just couldn’t get past the Bieber hair and the sproingy collars. I have since changed my opinion and my now a big fan. Dude really nails the Hamptons summer casual look. And this two toned, double collar number? Hitting all the right notes for me.


I’m not sure who’s more upset here, Nolan or Emily.  Or Jack. Those are some legit tears in his eyes.


Oh and the part about giving Emily the dog? Please.

Just look at the sadness. What’s making me sad is his dull shirt, but then, not everyone can be a bright shooting star. That’s Nolan’s job.


Don’t be jealous, Jack. Nolan is here with a bro love hug. Maybe some of his style will literally rub off on you.

You gotta dig Nolan’s pep talk telling Emily to go make little volunteer babies. Ever the hopeless romantic. It’s charming really.


Oh Victoria. At least the costume department stopped putting her in bandage dresses. Instead, she wears the equivalent of my grade 8 prom dress to just hang out and give Connie a hard time when he tries to give her stuff. Seriously, she looks like he tried to hand her a dead fish not the deed to the castle. Must be nice.


The whole exchange with Tekada was kind of useless. But I will say that his translator was at least wearing a nice outfit. Check out the detailing on that white blouse. The costume department must be getting all the nice white pieces in rotation now before Labor Day is over or something…


Danny does look rather striking in his black three-piece suit. In the middle of the day. In the summer.



Tyler does indeed look under medicated. And also like he is going to the party to be the caterer, not a guest. The white jacket dark pants look screams wait staff to me. Oh and also? The reason why he doesn’t want to “go be a millionaire in Canada” is because well… nobody wants to go do that. I can say that. I live in Canada.