Sutton and Ethan are still on the lam and this trip to the Rez has got to be hard on Sutton. Giving up her magical closet for Thayer’s couch was one thing – at least she could still go shopping in LA. But on a remote ranch? With apparently one store? That’s rough. But she’s making a good go of it with the country chic.

That has to be the most stylish country store ever. It’s a super cute plaid shirt and I dig the shearling vest. And like Ann said last week, Ethan’s barn coat totally works seeing as there’s a barn a few feet away.


It’s weird to see her in something other than Daytime Glamour, but somehow she makes the plaid work for her.


But I’m not sure she’s totally on board with chambray week.

Knowing Sutton, that plain jane denim on denim look is worn begrudgingly.  She’s probably wondering how she can bedazzle the shit out of it and add a pair of five inch heels.


Aside from dreaming of sequins and a higher thread count, bitch is totally making the most of this getaway. Not only is she rocking the plaid, but she’s also flirting like a superstar.


Then again, I can’t really blame her.  Because Ethan on the run in a puffy vest and thermal? Super hot.


It’s funny, when he’s not in the country, I’d question that style. But put him on a ranch and I fully approve. Although, he could probably do better on the plaid front.


Still, even in spite of that lame-ish plaid, it’s not like Sutton can help the flirting. Even if it does mean totally backstabbing your sister.

Seriously Ethan? Only moments before you were trying to tell Emma you loved her and then you succumed to some hair tosses from your evil ex?


Sutton, on the other hand, I see where she’s coming from. I’m not nearly as morally  bankrupt as she is and I’d probably throw my own hypothetical twin under a bus for the gratuitous male shirtlessness we’ve all come to miss lately.

Let’s take a moment to soak that sight in. We might not get another for a few weeks.