The Mystery of Who Killed Derek has taken precedence over the Secret of the Real Mom and the Case of What Alec and Ted Knew. So whil Alec is trying to convince the police that the missing Ethan is the real killer, Emma, Mads and Thayer are on the case to clear his name. Meanwhile, Ethan and Sutton are still hiding out at his dad’s ranch. Rebecca is covering for Alec and Ted is being shifty about Rebecca – even his mostly clueless wife notices. Laurel is making music with and eyes at Jude Law and getting all Taylor Swift on Justin – even before the breakup he didn’t see coming.


So, Mads is in the know and on the case with Nancy and Ned, I mean, Emma and Thayer.

Look, I’m full on board the Good ‘Ship Emma + Ethan 4Eva, but those two trying to solve whodunnit together? Straight up adorbs.


I just wish they’d waited to give the news to Mads about the whole Emma/Sutton thing when she wasn’t in her sweats.

I’m sure Mads didn’t feel like being seen in public dressed like that. She probably would have preferred to be dressed to the nines to get that kind of news. I know I’d rather be in heels and a mini skirt when you drop the bombshell that my best friend totally hasn’t been my best friend by her LONG LOST TWIN SISTER. That shit effs with your mind and you need a good outfit to deal.


When they hit up the police to try to convince puffy Nikolas Cassadine it wasn’t his bro whodunnit (and for once, he’s on board with that theory), I’m pretty sure Emma went to the Magic Closet for her most responsible looking outfit. She came out looking like Char, especially with the dramatic side sweep and giant curls.


And I’m pretty sure the First Lady style blouse was one left behind in the Magic Closet by Char.


She could have had fun with it, and was headed in that direction with the skinny jeans. But then she added a blazer.

Emma looks like she was just short a pencil skirt, some kitten heels and a husband running for Senate. You’re young Emma, have some fun!


Meanwhile, Mads is all young and free in one of those leather jackets that are so cool, I just don’t understand where the kids get them (because I certainly can’t find one).


And while a cardigan isn’t usually my first choice for the young dudes, I’ve got to give Thayer some serious props for making a tie and cardigan look super casual and fine.

Total collegiate hot. Or something.


Although, he loses points for actually showing up at a college looking boring, especially when he’s with two adorable ladies.

The trouble is, when going for Frat Party Crashing Black Opps, both Thayer and Emma drop the ball (except for the over-the-knee suede boot. That’s pretty hot). When it comes to covert opps and flirting, Mads it totes your girl. The military jacket? Hot.


Take it off to reveal a teeny green dress that only works on a girl shaped like a lollipop? Check.

She’s like some kind of Secret Party Spy. Because she totally could have flirted the truth out of boring looking frat boy.


Instead, Emma and Thayer are all, “we just want to ask you a few questions.”

Does that look like something the frat boy drug addict population is interested in? Sensible, black, with zero cleavage? Probably not. That’s an outfit for a different kind of spy operation.


Becuase do these dudes look like they want to answer a few questions?

No. They do not. They barely look like they want to be at their own party. The only reason they are there is for drugs and flirting. Not talking about teenage drug dealers. But maybe growing up on the mean streets of Vegas is why Emma doesn’t realize this. 


I’ll forgive her since she totally busted out the Daytime Glamour look for lunch.

Honestly, I love that these two are such fashion opposites and total besties (who seem to be just fine without Char. Speaking of which, why is no one speaking about Char? Where did she go?). While Emma does the Daytime Glamour paired with a camel coloured wool cape, Mads is all, “let me just thow on a bad-ass leather jacket and a bag that doesn’t match my shirt and still look better than most teenage girls in Scottsdale”.


And the Daytime Glamour? Loves

I mean, it reminds me of my bridesmaid dresses and I normally wouldn’t recommend a gold brocade for any event that doesn’t involve cocktails and h’ors d’eourves, but when you have a closet that’s on par with spotting a kitten riding a unicorn through a field of lollipops, well, wouldn’t you throw on your gold brocade for lunch with a suspicious lady who is dating your friend’s dad? Of course you would!