Lust is in the air! Jess has a case of “the dirty twirls”…aka she wants to have a one night stand. Winston is trying to make up for his former skeezy ways with Shelby, Nick tries to romance Julia at work and poor Schmidt must pine over Cece once again. Lucky for Jess Schmidt is ready to play wing-man to Jess and provides her with tons of helpful tips on landing the perfect fling. Things like leaving immediately after the deed has gone down. All class.


I’m sure sporting the perfect PJ’s are all part of this. But in all fairness if some guy were to wake up next to Jess in her cute pink PJ’s and hipster glasses they probably wouldn’t be all that mad.


To prepare for her big night out, Jess ditches anything that would even slightly resemble a bold and patterned dress. Instead she’s chosen an all black look, complete with hard to see faux leather “winter” shorts.

PS: who invented the term “winter shorts”? People know you could take off the tights and they’d be summer shorts right?

Cece’s boy toy is off dabbling in extracurriculars, so she decides to come help Schmidt and Jess find some vulnerable meat.

Frankly, if I were looking for a wing man, I most definitely would not bring any friends that look like Cece. I mean, seriously? That’s Cece’s wingman dress? If I were Jess, I would politely ask that she change into a Club Monaco Sweater Circa 1997.


Anyway, Jess decides to ditch the one night stand quest and call it a night. At home, she runs into Schmidt, who mumbles something about not overthinking hookups which leads Jess to believe they should hook up. Just as she’s about to knock on her door with a Costco-sized box of condoms in hand, Nick stops her.

Good thing because behind those doors lies…

The next morning Jess sports yet another pair of cute PJ’s and calls Cece to tell her about what almost happened with Schmidt. Little does she know Cece’s still in Schmidt’s bed. DUN DUN DUN.

What do we think? Will Cece admit to boinking Schmidt? Or will this forever be a secret?