FIRE AND ICE PARTY! FIRE AND ICE PARTY! This was, without question, the OMFG-iest episode EVER EVER EVER! I can’t even… So, the body on the beach is Tyler, not Daniel (to the happiness of me, Queen V, and anybody with an appreciation for gorgeous abdominals). This leaves the question WHODUNNIT? Was it Fake!Amanda, out to protect Emily? Was it Jack, fed up with Tyler’s crazypants ways? Was it Revenge Sensei, trying to help out Emily? Was it Nolan, using some kind of gun iPad app? And then at the very end, Revenge Sensei picked up a hitchhiking Fake!Amanda – like, we GET IT, REVENGE (!!!) writers, you are all gods and goddesses. Raise your Red Sharpies in respect because this was THE BEST EPISODE EVER!

Emily’s Nolan’s Target
Turns out that Tyler was the one who left the Red Sharpie’d RSVP. (Apparently, high-security psychiatric facilities aren’t that hard to break out of). He’s out for blood – his plan was to kill Daniel and frame Emily. Luckily, he’s an amateur at the revenge (!!!) business and he winds up a body on the beach.

Gala of the Week
FIRE AND ICE PARTY! The ladies in red, the men in white, suspense and drama permeating the late-summer Hamptons fog…

Best Dressed 
Who knows?? Was there fashion in this episode? The only thing I know is that Emily’s dress was all kinds of fug. I get that she has to have room for a gun, but like… not in a kangaroo pouch, mmkay?

Most Soapy Moment
I don’t know if it’s particularly soapy but I liked the tidy (and inexplicable) way they returned the Infinity Box via Revenge Sensei. He was just like, “Oh, hey, thought you might want this. TTYL.”

Over-The-Shoulder Hugs: 2ish
Definitely at least 2 from Queen V, probably none from Emily… WHO KNOWS?? FIRE AND ICE PARTY!!


Mel will have more time to examine the fashion from this week (AND THE DRAMZ!) and will report back to y’all on Saturday.