Now that Blair is looking better, it’s time to go over to the highschool themed Valentine’s Day fiesta at the Empire. I feel like I’ve been transported back in time.

Of course Serena is rocking her version of a highschool uniform, complete with a mini skirt and loose tie. Shockingly I like her school girl look. This Oscar de la Renta metallic sweater is fabulous and her bedhead actually works. Nice work S… and thanks for wearing opaque tights. You are one step closer to pants! Gold star for you.


In her quest to get the scoop for Gossip Girl, Georgina really tried to blend in to the high school vibe. I think that she looks more like an FBI agent than a Constance student.

Wipe that pout of your face, you are about to capture Blair and Dan photo magic! 

I am wondering why Dan saved his St. Jude’s blazer and uniform shirt. He spent high school sulking and judging, why would he want to relive that?


Speaking of highschool, Nate is trying to impress Lola with drinks and an introduction into “his world.” It doesn’t appear to be working. Again, I would like to point out that hiring a girl to work for you might not be the best way to get her jazzed about dating you. Even worse?

Forcing her to wear a sweater vest and necktie while she is working.


Blair really did mean well when she tried to set up Dan with No Pants McGee – she just wanted him to be happy. Unfortunately for Blair, the only way that Dan can be happy is with Blair. I am not sure that I can handle seeing Blair and Dan end up together. What about my beloved Chuck? 

IF this Blair/ Dan kiss is the start of their love story, I am happy to report that Blair is wearing the perfect dress. This ruby red Reem Acra gown is a breathtaking and so flattering. Just like the kiss heard ’round the UES, it is a showstopper.


Speaking of showstoppers, looks like the dowdy book agent decided to sex it up for V-day. Her vavavavoom hair, makeup, and sexy ensemble were wasted on Chuck until he got the scoop on the Blair/ Dan kiss.

Once he heard about the oddly timed makeout session, Chuck ran off with book girl. Sigh. This just doesn’t seem right.


Ye Olde Royal Minder also got the sexy memo, as seen with these ridic lace tights. Yes please! I think Estee needs to go home to Monaco and seduce Louis.

On an unrelated side note, what is Estee doing on her phone? She doesn’t have any friends yet in NYC, so she isn’t texting. I bet that she is pinning or live tweeting something fashionable. I obviously need to start following her because I want to know where she shops.


Ha! Vests are funny. Sorry, I derailed… back to the recap. 

Charlie and Lola crossed paths at Nate’s party. They talked about acting class and Florida. Charlie forgot to mention that she looted Lola’s trust fund and tricked her extended family. If only Charlie had come clean, then Lola would be saved from a life of cater waitering. I have a feeling this is going to get serious.


All of these love triangles and sweater vest sightings have me exhausted and crazy. I can’t handle this stress. Thankfully, B decided to end the evening in a perfectly tailored, classic red Valentino coat.

This beautiful designer piece is breathtaking. Merci Princess Blair!