Ladies and gents, may I present Roxy, Lemon’s beer drinkin’, line dancin’ alter-ego. Not only does Leroxy help Joelle with her cover story, she also serves as a way for Lemon to let go and relax, per George’s wishes. And after a few drinks, boy does she ever.

This red cowboy hat is so atrociously cliche it’s almost stylin’. Who knew Lemon had this so-sexy pose hidden beneath that prim and proper exterior?


Drunk off a couple of bhuurs, Leroxy tells the flannel lovin’ Wade that he deserves better than the trashy Joelle. He probably also deserves better than flannel shirts, but I don’t see that changing anytime soon.


Wade eventually calls in the troops – in this case, George – to help our barfly get off the ol’ dance floor.


OK can we sign a petition to have Lemon permanently be Lexroxy? She’s so smokin! Don’t her and George look more like a regular Southern couple here than they ever have before? Loves it.


But ruh-roh, the jig is up as Joelle’s jealous ex realize they been a-playin’ him for a damn fool! Maybe he’s also upset becuase of his puke green shirt. Lovely.


I feel the same way, Zoe!

Until next week, ya’ll!