These folks may not be on screen long, but they’re either helping to bring the dramz or the style.

Poor Ashley has been under-utilized since her boyfriend lost his shit and threatened everyone, including her boss, with a gun. But I appreciate that she’s keeping that stiff upper lip and killer sense of style. Because this colour is amazeballs on her.


Again with the teal. Revenge (!!!) costume department, it’s a good thing I like that colour and it seems to suit almost the entire cast (although props to y’all for the consistent use of colour throughout the episode. Don’t think we aren’t appreciating your attention to detail).

But it wasn’t just the colour of the dress that knocked it out of the park. Oh no. It was the seriously fantastic colourblocking.


What up, dream dress! You might be questioning your loyalty to Queen V, Ashley, but your loyalty to style never waivers. I hope your storyline gets as awesome as your dresses and soon. Or rubs off on the others. Because Mr. American Apparel needs some help.


The endless supply of v-neck tees around the bar is one thing, but he needs to rethink what he’s wearing to the lovely dinners and parties that Ashley works so hard to plan for Victoria.


“Oh hey, Grandpa! Meet my adorable boyfriend! He’s a petite, but he likes to shop in the Big and Tall section.”

And going rogue, but sticking to her questionable sense of Coyote Ugly style is Fauxmanda.


“You want the skshtruth, Jack? Schyou can’t schandle the sckshtruth!” 

Man oh man. That girl and her real feelings for Jack. Again with the feelings and the ruining of all Emily’s carefully plotted plans to ruin everyone’s lives! Why can’t y’all just let her take everyone down in peace? And why did one of you have to steal the Infinity Box from the floor? Ems is going to be awake all night with some serious anxiety.


Creepiest. RSVP. Evar. But welcome back, Red Sharpie of Doom, we missed you!