Jess/Nick shippers (Jeck? Niss? God, I hope no one christens them with a Brangelina-type nickname) got a little taste of what they’ve been hoping for, when Jess and Nick (sorta) kissed in the midst of a proposed threesome with their creepy landlord. “But Jill,” you ask me. “How did all this come about?” Well, my lovelies, it happened the way so many bad things happen – no one wanted to admit to being in the wrong. Jess thinks people will be good if you give them a chance. Nick thinks people are jerks. Nick ended up winning this battle, but as always, Jess wins the style war.


Jess spent most of the episode in an adorable striped sweater and pleated skirt combo.

I loved the red detailing on the sweater, and she paired it with a cute red purse and basic boots. It was still very Jess, but also very polished and trendy. Which I suppose falls into the “very Jess” category.



Didn’t you absolutely love the dress Jess wore for dinner with her landlord? Although…it might be a good idea to look less attractive when having dinner with a creepy dude who probably wants to sleep with you. Just a thought. Not that Jess was willing to admit those were likely his intentions all along.

Oh well. It’s a great dress for awkward dancing!


These posts are called “What Jess Wore”, but I still need to give props to CeCe for rocking that smokin’ red dress. Schmidt was right when he said “You look like you should be distracting James Bond at a baccarat table.”


And finally, nothing makes seeing your landlord in the elevator reeeeally awkward like an attempted threesome gone wrong. Ugh, don’t you hate when that happens. Threesomes. Always making life so complicated. Oh well, at least Jess looks a peach in her 3/4 sleeve top.

Personally, I always shy away from combining red and green because I don’t want to look like a Christmas elf, but Jess really makes it work with those ballet flats. Now excuse me, I need to go “begin the search for the cocoon that will one day release my butterfly”.